NBC ‘Timeless’ Wonder Con 2018 Coverage: Interviews and Panel Highlights

A packed house awaited the cast after a screening of Sunday’s game-changing episode, “Hollywoodland.” If you think watching ‘Timeless’ at home is fun, wait until you see an episode with a crowd. The collective laughs, sighs and gasps echoed throughout the room. It was a truly wonderful experience and the excitement in the air was electric. As you can imagine, co-creator Shawn Ryan had a lot to answer for after that killer cliffhanger, which crushed Lyatt fans.

The panel covered many of the same topics that are discussed in the interviews below. However, here are some highlights:

  • Paterson Joseph joked that Flynn is the kind of roommate that could kill you in your sleep. Sakina Jaffrey said that Agent Christopher doesn’t like or trust him. So Goran Visnjic gives her a big hug!
  • Visnjic discussed Flucy and the crowd went wild!
  • The cast shares what time periods they’d like to explore:
  • Visnjic always said that Flynn is a good guy!
  • Malcolm Barrett jumped up on like a rock star and asked the crowd to shout “Hero in a Hoodie!”

Pretty epic way to end the event!

Before we dive in, I just want to let you know that you don’t have to worry about spoilers. I’m giving you plenty of warning. In my interview videos, I provide an alert that indicates when you should mute to avoid spoilers. The spoiler alert warning will last for the duration of the scoop. When the screen is clear, you’re safe to hear. I’m also going to post spoilery highlights at the bottom of this article, so you can stop reading before seeing something you may regret. With that said, let’s get to the good stuff!

Shawn Ryan

On ‘Timeless’ last minute uncancellation and how it impacts Season 2’s narrative:

  • “We realized our responsibility…All that good will goes away if you make 10 episodes that suck.”
  • “We want to make them as good as they can be. We think this season is even better than Season 1.”
  • “We value each episode.”

Ryan and co-creator, Eric Kripke, discussed the decision to kill off Wyatt Logan and Flynn Garcia’s wives. There is a reason why it works for both characters.

  • “We liked the idea that almost everyone on the show, either in the past or in the course of the show, has someone they’ve lost. Ultimately, it is a story about how people come together and create their own family.”

Rufus and Jiya will work hard to increase the capacity of the Lifeboat. He doesn’t want to spoil whether they do or do not figure it out. However, if you’re dying to know the answer, scroll down to the spoilers section below.

Will there be closure in the Season 2 finale? Do they feel pressured to write with thought that the show may not get another season? Nope.

  • They “feel liberated.”
  • They want to “tell the absolute best story.”
  • Their state of mind – “don’t assume failure.”
  • Season 2 will “end in a way that allows for the best Season 3.”
  • They “go forward assuming there’s [another season].”

Guess that means we might get another cliffhanger!

In this video, I ask Ryan if we’ll see how else Rittenhouse has manipulated key characters’ lives. In part of his answer, he praises Annie Wersching and discuss how Emma will play a larger role in this season’s narrative. They enjoy “making villains the hero of their own story.”

He addresses the challenges Jiya’s premonitions will pose as the season continues. I also had to ask him about Lucy’s shocking actions in the premiere and what their repercussions will be. He’s very aware that fans were rattled by her difficult decision to kill the innocent soldier, knowing that he would end up dead either way.


Goran Visnjic

Members of the press perked up when Visnjic sat at our table. Despite only getting a couple hours of sleep, he was happy to spend the day celebrating ‘Timeless’ with Clockblockers. He coolly shrugs off the lack of sleep, saying “I can sleep tomorrow.” Awwww.

As the table jumped into conversation, he excitedly shared how we’ll see a different side to Flynn this season. After being intensely chased by the Time Team, he’s slowly becoming one of them. From the sound of it, fans are in for a lot of fun, even if it comes in the midst of some tension.

  • “Flynn is on the lighter side” because he knows the “Time Team is seriously going after Rittenhouse.”
  • “I’m not trying to kill anybody,” he says with a laugh.

Wyatt and Flynn will continue to butt heads. They both have strong personalities, but Flynn does have a bit of an edge.

  • He has the “Safety-net of this diary,” Visnjic explains. They won’t kill him if he has answers, so “he’s a bit reckless with them.”

His favorite episodes of the season are “The Salem Witch Trails” and the finale. He’s only seen the first four episodes and is very eager to see how the rest of the season turned out. So am I!

In the video, he reveals whether we’ll learn about how Lucy gave Flynn the journal. He drops a spoiler and an F bomb, both which I’ve provided warnings for. Remember to mute. I also ask for his take on Flucy shippers, which he clearly gets a kick out of.

Malcolm Barrett

Just like Visnjic, Barrett was running on very little sleep, yet he still sat down at the table roaring to go. His energy is infectious. I can now clearly imagine how hyper he must be during those live tweets! We only had a couple of minutes with him, but we made the most of it.

The Time Team’s fake names are all scripted. Barrett provides “fan service improv” (like his Clockblockers line in the Season 2 premiere), throws out random ad-libs and enjoys including callbacks to previous episodes.

Does he prefer being a brainy hero or brawny one?

  • He “loves exploring a hero who’s biggest super power is his genius.”
  • “It doesn’t come easy to [Rufus] to fight, to kill a man.”

We hope to see more of Rufus’ family. However, for the time being, they think he is dead.

Barrett was pleasantly surprised by the fan reaction to bring back the show. Clockblockers took his experience with fans to a whole new level. He also teased the variety of fans he’s encounter based on the shows he’s been on. ‘Timeless’ has the widest spectrum of fans, meaning they’re of all ages.

In the video below, he discusses the impact Jiya’s visions will have on her relationship with Rufus.

WARNING: The question I ask him in this video reveals a spoiler from episode 4. Start off on mute if you want to avoid a big spoiler. I’ve written a spoiler-free version of the question before Barrett jumps into his spoiler free answer, to cue you when it is safe to unmute.

*Due to technical difficulties, I had to splice in Gareth Von Kallenbach‘s video footage from our round table.

Sakina Jaffrey and Paterson Joseph

Agent Christopher and Connor Mason may be at odds on the show, but these two are a hoot together. They are so fun! They had the table laughing all the way through with their banter. When things get serious regarding their characters, they find a way to break the tension.

Jaffrey describes Agent Christopher as the Mama Bear of the bunker. She’s trying to keep everyone safe and makes sure they are taken care of.

Joseph interjects that she is the only one on the team who has a normal relationship. Out of everyone, she has the most stable family life, which we will see more of this season.

Jaffrey explains that Agent Christopher needs to protect that “tenderness.” She can’t show vulnerability because it is her job to protect everyone.

Over the course of this season Mason and Christopher will begin to respect each other.

Jaffrey and Joseph address the tension between their characters and the extent of Mason’s misery. I ask them if the Time Team might encounter younger versions of their characters. They also say when/where Mason and Christopher would like to go if they had the chance to time travel. (Again, mute when you see the spoiler alert.)

What do you think, Clockblockers?

‘Timeless’ airs Sundays at 10 pm on NBC.









Here are a few tidbits for you spoiler lovers!

  • The Lifeboat will be able to carry four people this season. So I guess Flynn is officially part of the team!
  • Connor Mason saves Agent Christopher at some point.
  • Rufus and Jiya are going to have trust issues after her misleading premonition puts a wedge between them.

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