‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ Season 1 Finale reaction: Where do we go from here?!?

I think it is safe to assume that we are all floored after that cliffhanger!

Jason Ritter warned us that we would want to see Season 2 NOW and he was right. Before jumping ahead, let’s recap of the epic events that transpired in ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’s’ sublime season finale, “The Right Thing.”

Yvette’s miracle mojo is still on the fritz. At first, she thinks the yips are tied to her emotions. She enlists Cindy’s (Leslie Jones) help to provide some supernatural cover for Kevin. However, once Cindy learns that Dave is dead (which I still refuse to believe) and Yvette is suffering from similar side effects, she high-tails it out of there. We all know the stars aligned for Jones to be available long enough to even make an appearance, so we have no qualms about the duration of her screen time. Plus, she knows how to make a lasting impression. It would be really fun to see Cindy pop-up again in Season 2.

Once again, we see the wonderful dynamic that has evolved between Kevin and Yvette. As the Warrior of God fears for the worst, Kevin keeps the faith. They’ll figure this out, just like they always do. Surely Yvette still has enough juice to get him by in a pinch…right??? Wait for iiiiit…..

I love Kevin’s mission and the subject of his righteousness! After seeing him anoint various Righteous souls throughout the season, it is incredibly satisfying to see this one stick around for a while. Barry (Currie Graham) is a decent guy who, like Kevin, wants to do the right thing and obey his dying uncle’s last wishes. This leads to ‘The Hangover‘-esque hilarity. Barry and Kevin keep colliding, so they work together on solving this bizarre puzzle. As they retrace their steps, the duo discovers disturbing revelations.

What does it really mean to do “the right thing”? Kevin is put through the ringer and we get to see how much these characters have grown throughout Season 1. After an awkward brunch with Kristin’s friends, Kevin begins doubting himself. Her friends still hold a grudge and don’t trust him. He starts to wonder what is truly best for Kristin. In his Righteous haze, Kevin dumped Kristin. What?!? He didn’t want to ruin her life with his craziness. Of course, the Universe beckons him away before he can patch things up with her.

Then there’s Tyler. After less than a day of dating, he and Becky have decided to move in together. Ironically, Lucille is the one who sets him straight. Who cares what everybody else thinks? What feels right to Tyler? By episode’s end, Tyler announces that Becky will be moving in with him and his awesome mom aka the best roommate ever. I’m going to love seeing how this plays out next season. Another thing we love about Tyler is his unwavering and unquestioning loyalty to his loved ones.

Kevin and Barry did right by his deceased uncle and kidnapped his corpse, which Tyler kept stashed in diner’s fridge. He recalls Kevin’s rousing speech from the night before. Of all his missions, this one definitely has the highest stakes. Kevin and Barry could end up in jail for years! They divide and conquer. Kevin’s job is to return the corpse to the mortuary before it opens.

Yvette uses her mojo to open the freezer door for Kevin, but she can’t re-open the door to let him out. Uh-oh! Judging by the episode promo, we have a hunch about where she goes for help.

While Kevin is dealing with his mission, Amy and Reese have been debating about the mysterious figure beside Kevin in the security camera footage. This leads to incredibly moving and brilliantly performed scenes between JoAnna Garcia Swisher and Chloe East. Amy doesn’t believe in guardians angels or God, nor does she want to. They failed to save her husband, so what good can they be. She harshly and tearfully expresses her feelings on the matter to Reese, who then guiltily confides in Kevin.

In another beautiful scene, Kevin has a serious moment with his niece. There’s no punchline this time, only the truth. Life can suck. All you can do is believe that it can also get better. It’s cute how he doesn’t even give her a proper hug. They have a deep conversation in a simultaneously teary and giggly way. Afterwards, Amy and Reese both make-up. They understand and respect each other’s perspective. Then something happens that rattles Amy’s beliefs.

Yvette, a stranger who looks strikingly similar to the mystery figure, shows up at Amy’s and asks for help. She frees Kevin and wants answers, but he doesn’t have time to explain…yet.

Kevin takes a time-out from his demanding “job” and clears the air with Kristin. Following Tyler’s lead, Kevin decides to ignore the nay-sayers and listen to his heart. Again, India de Beaufort and Ritter bring the feels in this heart-string tugging scene. Kevin genuinely pours his heart out to her. He admits his faults, but he knows he wants to be with her…if she’ll have him. Phew! Kevin and Kristin are still together and their relationship is even stronger than before.

Now for the rug that gets pulled out from beneath us. Yvette is desperate. They’ve mourned Dave and for all they know, she could go next. Kevin doesn’t want to deal with a replacement, he’s in this with Yvette. But now they can’t do this alone.

When Amy confronts Kevin about Yvette and asks for the truth, he’s able to finally unburden himself. He couldn’t even say it to Barry, a fellow Righteous, but now his confession comes out crystal clear. Amy scoffs at the absurd notion. Then Yvette magically appears before her eyes and confirms Kevin’s crazy claim.

Holy bleep!!!! Anyone else jumping out of their seats? Somebody pick my jaw up off of the floor. Is this really happening?

YES. IT. IS! OMG what is Amy going to say?!?!?!


Amy faints and we’re left floored. Killer cliffhanger indeed.

So where do they go from here?

As we hoped, Team Kevin is starting to expand. It makes sense to bring Amy into the fold first. However, I hope they include Reese too. She is way too insightful to be left in the dark. I’m sure they won’t want to burden her with this, but it would be worse to lie to her. I wonder if Yvette will allow it.

It will be so fun to see them all working together. Amy’s kind of been helping him all along anyway. Actually, they all have been! I’m curious to see (if/when it happens) how the reveals will roll out. How long will it take to confide in Kristin, Tyler and Nate?

Where’s Dave? If the side effect is becoming human, then he can’t just disappear into thin air. His body would’ve been left behind…right? What are your theories on Dave’s “death”?

What did you think about Kevin’s mission? Do you think he’ll work with more Righteous Ones in the future? Are you happy that Amy finally knows the truth? Share your thoughts on the phenomenal season finale below. I can’t wait to see how you all feel after the big reveal!

We have to work really hard now to secure a second season. Keep reaching out to ABC. You know the drill! How fans can help save ABC’s ‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’


13 thoughts on “‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ Season 1 Finale reaction: Where do we go from here?!?

  1. I’m excited to see the MULTITUDE of ways Kevins sister and niece can help this coming season!!! Thanks for season 2!!!!! (Thinking positive!!)

  2. Better time slot for sure. A great finale with great gasp final second. I dream of doing “the right thing” becoming the norm. Until then, this show gives a breath of freshness, humor and light to viewers. Great review!

  3. Hahah…you wrote, “Amy faints and we are left FLOORED,” Nice and punny. I have a theory about Dave. Maybe the universe is beckoning Kevin away or maybe it is Dave working unseen. Just like their are angels on this earth their are also devils or wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes it is. Such a wonderful, magical, special and meaningful show. I really hope ABC renews Kevin Probably and gives it a better time slot 🙏🏻.

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