‘Timeless’ Season 2 Episode 2 preview: Time travel can be a drag

Get ready to put the pedal to the metal, Clockblockers! We’ve got our first look at the second episode of the sophomore season and the Time Team is looking sharp. Once again, ‘Timeless’ brilliantly introduces viewers to an interesting and lesser known historical figure.

Check out NBC’s official synopsis and promotional photos for “The Darlington 500”:


03/18/2018 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Sunday) : The Time Team chases Rittenhouse to a stock car race in the 1950s where Wyatt (Matt Lanter) learns that his favorite race car driver is actually a Rittenhouse sleeper agent on a mission to destroy the American car industry. To stop the Rittenhouse plan, Wyatt, Lucy (Abigail Spencer) and Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) team up with Wendell Scott (guest star Joseph Lee Anderson), the first African-American NASCAR driver.

You know how they say you should never meet your heroes? Well, Ian Flemming was swell, but it turns out Wyatt’s favorite race car driver is one of the bad guys. At least Rufus seems to be making friends with another historical trailblazer. It will be very interesting to see what mysteries the Time Team unravels. Let’s hope Rittenhouse doesn’t get away with messing up the past.



Unfortunately, the clips play out of order, so bear that in mind when you watch. It goes 3, 4, 1 and 2.

Enjoy a spoiler free review and teasers from Season 2 Episodes 1 – 4. (I reveal some fun and spoiler-free details from “The Darlington 500.”)



What do you think Clockblockers? Share your thoughts below!

‘Timeless’ Season 2 premieres Sunday, March 11 at 10 p.m. on NBC.

3 thoughts on “‘Timeless’ Season 2 Episode 2 preview: Time travel can be a drag

  1. Hi, been reading your Tweets but first time poster 😁 so looking forward to another episode of Timeless, though I’m fearful that if it gets cancelled again, that only leaves eight left. ☹️ one of the best things about this show, every week is completely different, NBC would be nuts to throw it away again.

    1. Thanks for following and posting! Fingers crossed for another season. If NBC is dumb enough to let them go again, I really hope another network will be ready to swoop in for a rescue. Yes! Every episode feels like a movie. I love it! 😊🙏🏻

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