‘Downward Dog’ Season 1 finale preview: Martin and Nan bring the feels

You are going to LOVE the final two episodes of ‘Downward Dog’s’ phenomenal freshman season. “Getting What You Always Wanted” and “Lost” are loaded with feels. You’ll be crying one minute and laughing the next. Martin has some of his most meaningful musings yet and Nan’s life reaches a pivotal crossroads. This is a beautiful way to wrap-up Nan and Martin’s season-long journey of self-discovery and it totally leaves the doggy door open for more adventures.

Here are ABC’s official descriptions for the back-to-back finale and images from the penultimate episode:

“Getting What You Want” airs Tuesday, June 27 at 10/9c.

Nan’s long-anticipated national campaign is hours away from launching in Times Square on the Jumbotron, when an overwrought Nan discovers an algorithm  has been flipped, and instead of blocking penis photos from the photo feed it will choose them, which could torpedo the whole campaign. Meanwhile, Martin decides to reduce Nan’s stress by taking out his sworn enemy, Pepper, to unexpected results.

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“Lost” airs Tuesday, June 27, at 10:30/9:30c.

To take a break from the pressures of a major decision at work and the mess she’s made of her life, Nan decides to take a vacation.  On the way, she stops by her estranged father’s place in the country, hoping to say hi and go.  Instead, she discovers he’s selling the family home.  While Nan tries to pack up some childhood treasures, Dad takes Martin for a walk — but Martin, runs off into the woods, hoping to prove he’s wild and free like a wolf.  Instead, he discovers he’s not a wolf – he’s a dog who’s lost.

Time for some spoiler-free teasers!

  1. There is a twist to Martin’s showdown with Pepper the evil cat.
  2. Watching Nan’s #BeautifulMe advertising project come to life is even more satisfying and rewarding than you’d expect as a viewer.
  3. Nan and Jason have an uncomfortable confrontation.
  4. Martin and Nan each learn something new about themselves, which leads to their respective epiphanies.
  5. Kevin reaches a whole new level of “Kevin-ness” in the last two episodes. He’s hopeless and endearing all at once.
  6. Martin in the wild is even more entertaining and nerve-wracking than you could imagine.
  7. Martin and Nan will make you cry, together and individually. Have tissues on hand for a feels overload.
  8. One of Martin’s musings and his self-analysis will especially make you laugh out loud.
  9. You’ll understand why Nan hasn’t seen her father for three years.
  10. Lastly, you’ll get to enjoy a Martin costume fashion show. It is adorable!

Fun-fact: Kat Likkel and John Hoberg wrote the finale episode, which was directed by co-creator Michael Killen.

BONUS: Sneak peeks!

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