‘Downward Dog’ cancelled by ABC, but the dog days aren’t over yet

Many news outlets are reporting how ABC’s endearing new series, ‘Downward Dog,’ has been “put to sleep” by the alphabet network. Well, this is not one of those lamenting, defeatist, and depressing articles. We still have hope that ‘Downward Dog’ can find a new home. If you don’t believe me, then take the creators’ word for it.

As news of the cancellation broke, Samm Hodges took to Twitter to release the following statement:

Co-creators, Hodges and Michael Killen, are “committed to finding a new home” for ‘Downward Dog.’ Do you know what means? That’s right, it’s time to launch a #MoreDD campaign.

If you’re familiar with the #MoreGalavant campaign, then you’ll know the drill… Keep checking this page for updates as targeted networks and advertisers may change.

Phase #1 

For starters, ABC is still airing the final two episodes of ‘Downward Dog’ on Tuesday, June 27 at 10 p.m. This means ABC may still be in the running. After NBC’s un-cancellation of ‘Timeless,’ I’m hoping lightening can strike twice in Hollywood.

As Hodges said, they have a higher chance of shopping it around to other networks because executives will know that ‘Downward Dog’ comes with a high critical praise and guaranteed fan base. They just need an extra nudge from the fans to get the message.

Here is our to do list (Check back for updates as the campaign expands):

  • Live-tweet the show. It is crucial to watch live and tweet along (tweets count as ratings). Get #DownwardDog #MoreDD and #SaveDD trending for both time zones. We can even organize live-tweet viewing parties/binge-watching events to drum up more attention for the show as the campaign continues. Hopefully this will help pick-up new viewers.
  • Watching live is the biggest plus. However, if you watch (or re-watch) the show on DVR, do not fast forward through commercials or else it won’t count for full ratings.
  • Thank advertisers. Companies need to know they can make money by supporting this show. Instead of fast forwarding, take note of the advertisers airing commercials during the show and thank them for supporting ‘Downward Dog.’ Tag @ABCNetwork@ABC_Publicity and advertisers/companies in your tweets.
  • E-mail ABC and tell them how much you love ‘Downward Dog’ and want another season.
  • Post comments on ‘Downward Dog’ social media accounts.
  • Rate and write reviews for the show on the ‘Downward Dog’ IMDB page. (This will increase its popularity/ranking on IMDB and draw more attention to the series.)
  • Rate/watch/buy the show on ABC GoHuluiTunes, and Amazon.

We need to compile a list of advertisers. Please keep me updated on a companies you notice and I’ll post a list on this page. Here are example tweets:


This is just the beginning. Like I said, check back for updates. Once we know which networks to target, there’ll be a full court press.

Phase #2

There is still a lot of love for “Downward Dog” out there and the team hasn’t given up hope on finding the show a new home. There are no concrete updates. Since ABC seems to be out, we are currently targeting streaming sites, starting with Hulu and Netflix.


Fans should bombard Hulu with tweets, letters, and emails. Use the following contact info:

Tweet: @hulu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hulu/
E-mail: arcade@hulu.com and media@hulu.com

Send physical letters to:

Craig Erwich, Senior Vice President of Head of Content

2500 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90404

Call: Hulu’s customer service phone line (8 a.m. – 10 p.m. PST): (877) 485-8411 Press 5

Last, but not least, tweet Hulu and their advertisers.


Fans can call and write Netflix using the contact info below:
Call: (800) 585-7265
Address: 100 Winchester Cir., Los Gatos, California, 95032-1815
Twitter: @netflix (different twitter handle for different countries)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/netflixus/ (different site for different countries)
Clayton, Monet Original Series Programming: mclayton@netflix.com
Friedlander, Peter VP of Original Series Programming: pfriedlander@netflix.com
Henigman, Kris Director, Original Series Programming: khenigman@netflix.com
Martin, Denise Editor Television/Cable Programs: denisem@netflix.com
Rabinowitz, Vanessa Senior Program Manager Programming: vrabinowitz@netflix.com


Here is the contact info for Amazon:

Twitter: @AmazonStudios
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amazonstudios/
Email or online live chat (5 a.m. – 7 p.m. PST): https://studios.amazon.com/contact-us

Phase #3

Let’s see if we can make a viral video to garner more attention! Send me a photo of your pet begging for #MoreDD. Check out my Instagram page for examples: https://www.instagram.com/talktvwithtiffany/

Email photos to TalkTVwithTiffany@gmail.com

Phase #4

During Hulu’s TCA panel, we learned that the streaming network loves ‘Downward Dog,’ but doesn’t plan on saving show. So don’t bother targeting Hulu anymore. Instead, let’s turn our sights towards a network that has already shown appreciation for ‘Downward Dog’: Sundance.

E-mail: feedback@sundance.tv and feedback@sundancechannel.com

Tweet: @sundance_now (streaming service) and @SundanceTV  (TV channel)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SundanceNow/ and https://www.facebook.com/SundanceTV/


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40 thoughts on “‘Downward Dog’ cancelled by ABC, but the dog days aren’t over yet

  1. Loved this show. Was so sorry to hear it was cancelled. Too late for me to live tweet, but want to support. Just recently became a dog lover/owner because of my adult son. Was always cats before, but Martin and Pym (our dog) have so many common expressions. And the evil neighbor cat is one of my favorites (we have cat as well – who is very mean to our dog who only wants to be friends). Anyway will be keeping an eye out for it, if it change networks or live streams.

  2. I dont watch much TV. Same ole stupid shows..murder, rape, crime…But this show was so unique. Loved this show!!!. Dont understand why it was canceled. Back to watching crappy shows again

  3. Downward dog, smart, funny, clean, nice family show, why would they cancel that? oh yeah…like… they just want to promote the bachelor and everyone sleeping with everyone on national TV.

  4. Love, love, love the show. Subaru should sponsor the show. Their commercials and cars are so dog friendly.

  5. There are way too many dog (and cat) lovers in this country for this show not to be a hit. Let’s get the word out about this show. I just discovered it, so alot of people are still not aware of it. Let’s tell the Warren Ecksteins, Ellen Degeneres, Cesar Milan and other animal adocates to get on-board to save this wonderfully unique show.

  6. Please, oh, PLEASE bring this show back!!! You can’t help but feel and understand every emotion or moment watching Nan and Martin, because at some point or another, you’ve felt or experienced the exact same thing. It’s so unbelievably relatable that you can’t help but fall in love with it. This is honestly one of the best shows out there and so rightfully deserves a place on everyone’s watch list. I’M ALREADY MISSING YOU TERRIBLY, Nan and Martin!

  7. I will never watch ABC again. This is heartbreaking. I loved the show and looked forward to it. I don’t even think I will watch any network tv again. Are ABC exucutives brain dead? ABC is dead to me.

  8. I’m so sad that this show has been cancelled. We need more shows like this. I adore Martin. My dog Lotus Blossom and I along with our other pooch Bachi and my 3 kiddos watch every week. We fell in love with the show! Lotus would curl up on the sofa next to me and hug me while we watched. I broke the news to her. She’s sad. Fingers crossed Downward Dog 🐶 finds a new home soon!

  9. I LOVE this show! When I first saw it, it was like a breath of fresh air. My dog looks a lot like Martin and I am starting to think that he would sound like Martin if he could talk. I cannot even wrap my mind around a show that is that good being even considered to be cancelled.

    #SaveDownwardDog #SaveMartinaandNan #justsaveit

  10. I’m literally fighting back tears right now! This was a huge fear of mine, every time I find a new amazing breath of fresh air show, it gets cancelled. It seems as though the thought provoking unique shows get thrown to the waste side 🙁 🙁 🙁 My heart is breaking over here, I am going to lose it if someone doesn’t pick this show up. This show is too good to let die.

  11. I love this show! Martin’s delivery is amazing and unlike any other show with a talking animal. I hope it comes back!

  12. Downward dog is the first show in a long time that makes me literally laugh out loud. I usually watch it twice because I don’t want to wait for my bf. And I laugh just as much the second time! I have been suggesting this show to all my friends and family. So funny and cute!

  13. I hope they find a new home. I am so disappointed they keep all of those stupid reality shows but when a decent show is on they want to cancel it right away. Save Nan and Martin.

  14. My favorite show ever, in years!. So disappointed!
    I would like to see ABC broaden their programming.Their other 6 successful sitcoms are all married w/kids:.They are good shows, but the programming is so one-sided… there is such a large audience who can relate to this show.
    (CNN) – There are 96 million people in the United States who are single.That means 43% of all Americans over 18, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And all the ones I know have what Nan is dealing with: jobs, boyfriends, and pets! This is smart, funny, thoughtful, unique & well written! Cancel the stupid Bachelor & Bachelorette instead!

  15. Great ideas! Thanks for leading the way. I will admit it, I’m not optimistic about this staying on network television, but if Netflix, Amazon, Hulu (originals) see the groundswell of fans – perhaps we can see this show back up again. I ADORED “Galavant”, and know there was a campaign to get that back on – but ‘Downward Dog’ could have a better chance since it’s likely less money to make production-wise that ‘Galavant’. So, let’s do this!!

    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed somebody will save this show. You’re right, it is easier and cheaper to produce than Galavant. Although fans are still hopeful that Netflix might spring for a Galavant movie in the future. Thanks for spreading the word about #MoreDD 🙂

  16. Reblogged this on Order of the Good Write and commented:
    Okay – I hope this thing is on, because I’ve taken a break from blogging for a while. Hopefully, you’ll notice this. It’s a plea to keep a lovely show on the air – or show enough momentum to get it back on the air somewhere else (like Netflix, Hulu originals, Amazon….etc. Please watch the show and tweet a little about it! Please?

  17. I am following your advice…will watch it live this Tuesday night! Also, I will host another #DownwardDog marathon that includes every single ad! My Facebook page has Ned as Martin for my profile pic and my pinned tweet is dedicated to the show. I am tweeting like crazy in support of the show, as well. I posted a review on Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon, and IMDB. I also emailed ABC. Thanks for the article!!!

  18. PLEASE DONT CANCEL DOWNWARD DOG!! Its so creative and real. Nan and the other characters are so authentic! I cant believe its gonna be gone!

  19. Thank you for the guidance on what fans can do to keep this awesome show alive! I’ll be tweeting live!

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