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Funko Pop! Goes My Heart

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I’m kicking off the Fun & Games section with a really easy one. Your task is to correctly identify the 7 adorable Funko Pop figures perched on the shelf in my website header.

The first 7 people to correctly guess all 7 figures will receive a follow back from me (if I don’t follow you already on Twitter) and a boastful shout-out (#FF or whatever else you’d please). One day, if I’m ever rich and famous enough, I promise the prizes will be way more exciting. For now, I hope you will be satisfied with a virtual pat on the back, a little publicity and a lot of fun.

Please post your answers in the comments section below.

Hint: Alas, Original Funko still doesn’t make “Galavant,” “Sleepy Hollow” or “Psych” Pops (so you can rule those guys out). Hopefully, they’ll get the memo soon, especially since we keep begging them for it. However, the TV characters I happily have on display are some of my very favorites.

P.S. In case you were wondering…Yes, this title was inspired by “Pop! Goes My Heart” from ‘Music and Lyrics‘ so enjoy a bonus treat HEREHugh Grant is hilarious (and admittedly drunk in this video), but Scott Porter gets me every time. Too cute!

Stay tuned for more Fun & Games! We’ve got some entertaining goodies coming soon…

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  1. Okie dokie! Here’s my guesses!

    1. Jamie from Outlander
    2. Captain Hook/ Killian (can’t tell which, image is kinda small)
    3. Sherlock
    4. Castiel
    5. Dean
    6. Sam
    7. Bobby Singer

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