‘Sleepy Hollow’ S3 Ep 15 recap: Prison break

What happens when Crane ends up trapped with the enemy? (Photo credit: FOX via FoxFlash)

Things get interesting when Ichabod Crane and The Hidden One get trapped together in the archives, causing Abbie & Co. to team up with Pandora to help free him in “Incommunicado.” Meanwhile, Joe and Jenny are in hot pursuit of one annoyingly screechy Banshee. It is about time “Sleepy Hollow” had one as a monster of the week. However, in a twist, our demon hunters are told to keep the creature alive for she will be key in freeing Crane. Big risks are taken and great sacrifices are made as Team Witness scrambles to save their main man in this captivating episode.

The Hidden One sets out to confront Crane and spews some chilling threats when we all suddenly become aware of the emblem’s true purpose. The object darts out of Crane’s pocket and imprisons them both in the archives. Phew! At least they are on Ichabod’s home turf. It is fun to see Crane schooling arrogant THO as he frantically searches through his library for a solution. Of course, THO has to one-up him by omnisciently drinking in all the knowledge every book in the library has to offer in swift swoop. Cool trick, but he’s still the worst. THO sees right through Crane and hurls heartbreaking insults at him. Stop hurting his feelings! While poor Crane continues to grin and bear THO’s callus behavior, Abbie reaches out to Pandora for an assist.

In order to free Ichabod, Pandora needs to make her Box whole again…or as whole as possible. Yeah, we don’t like the sound of that either. Once Team Witness agrees to hand over their bits of her box, they will need a monster to help recharge its magical mojo. That’s where Jenny and Joe come in.

They are on the cusp of taking out the screaming banshee (man, those things are annoying, but they’re a genre staple, so it had to be done) when Abbie texts Jenny and tells her to capture the banshee alive. Some handy iron cables help restrain the creature, but in the end, there is no way to shut her up. She starts wailing and when her screams nearly kill jenny, Joe is left with no choice. He kills the banshee to save Jenny’s life and we all know Abbie can’t be mad at him for that. But now they need to find another monster to help reboot Pandora’s Box. Uh-oh, are they thinking what we fear they’re thinking? Yup, they are.

Joe takes a huge risk and Wendigo’s out, knowing that it could kill him. Whoa, this is intense. Poor Joe! Team Witness takes great precaution and tries keeping WendiJoe under control in the Masonic cell. While Crane is eating his feelings under THO’s judging gaze, Abbie shows Pandora who is boss. Box or not, Team Witness has the upper hand and will not hesitate to take these gods out. Now, it is time for the moment of truth. Will WendiJoe’s efforts be in vain?

Jenny and Joe have a very moving “Beauty and the Beast” moment. She eases the monster by connecting with Joe and talking about their future. Finally, Jenny tells Joe that she loves him and will give him the keys to her trailer. Hallelujah! Geesh, is that what it takes nowadays to show a sensitive dude some love? This is a big breakthrough moment in their relationship that has us swooning. So sweet! Now, let’s see how Pandora’s Box will aid in Ichabod’s prison break.

It turns out, Pandora knew Team Witness had the emblem and could use it to imprison him for eternity. Well that’s a shocker. She kept this a secret from The Hidden One just in case they’d need to use it against him. Here’s the kicker: Just as Pandora comes clean to Abbie, Ichabod uses the emblem to see what his partner is up to. THO hears everything Pandora says. Oof! He is so going to kill Pandora for this. She really needs Team Witness Protection (pun intended). But who really cares about the baddies, Crane is relieved to know Abbie is on the brink of rescuing him and that’s all that matters, right?!

Until she gets him out, Crane decides to go out in style following up his bear claw binge with some booze. Bravo, Crane! As he munches, another teaser is dropped about the importance of the Witnesses bloodline. Ichabod and Abbie are not the first Witnesses and they won’t be last. So now we have even more questions: How far back does this go? What other family members were Witnesses? How does the Witness lineage get passed on? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Pandora’s confession wins over Team Witness, so they make her box whole again and power it up with WendiJoe’s magic mojo. Thankfully he survives and their plan works, culminating in a happy Ichabbie reunion completed with a hug. Swoon! Unfortunately, THO destroys the emblem before disappearing into thin air, so there goes any chance of imprisoning him again. Nonetheless, Team Witness views this as a win. So let’s celebrate with an Ichabbie fist bump. Woohoo! Plus, Joe remembers everything Jenny told him while he was WendiJoe and he’s elated. Yay! Of course, this is “Sleepy Hollow,” so things can’t simply end on a happy note.

The Hidden One wants Pandora to tell him the truth. Hey, THO, you can’t handle the truth! Yeah, she knows that he knows and it is not going to end well. Pandora, you in danger girl. But guess what? They are both the big baddies this season for a reason. Neither one of them can be trusted and quite frankly, these twisted evil monsters deserve each other. Let their creepy and conniving mind games begin. As long as Team Witness is victorious in the end, we don’t care what happens to these sorry excuses for all-powerful deities. Right?!

What did you think of this episode, Sleepy Heads? What were your favorite moments? Were you moved by Jenny and Joe’s scene? Did you enjoy the Ichabbie goodness? Do you have any theories on the Witnesses’ bloodlines? Share your thoughts below!

“Sleepy Hollow” airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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