Sleepy Heads rally for support amidst ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 3 shake-ups

Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie will return to ‘Sleepy Hollow’ for a third season! (Photo credit: FOX via Facebook)

“Sleepy Hollow” Season 2 provided fans with a wild ride. We clung to the edge of our seats awaiting the fate of our cherished, yet fledgling show. Ratings were low and criticisms were high, but the fans’ passionate loyalty to “Sleepy Hollow” never wavered. It feels like Sleepy Heads have been campaigning to save “Sleepy Hollow” all season long. Now, we are rallying for FOX and viewers to give this fantastic show a fighting chance in Season 3.

After a nerve-racking wait, FOX announced in March that our favorite show would return for a third season. Hallelujah! However, there will be some big changes. “Sleepy Hollow” has a new show runner, Clifton Campbell (“Glades,” “White Collar”), who has been graciously engaging with fans online. Last week, Variety broke the disappointing news of Orlando Jones’ departure (Noooo!!! Why?! We’ll miss Capt. Frank Irving.) Then for the kicker: Yesterday FOX revealed that the supernatural drama is moving to a new Thursday night time slot (going up against “Scandal” and “The Blacklist” at 9 p.m.). Fans took to twitter in outrage, feeling like FOX was setting “Sleepy Hollow” up to fail by pitting it against TV’s top rated shows. However, if there’s anything we’ve learned from Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills, it is that we must never lose faith.

Although some Sleepy Heads feel like this time-slot is a death sentence, FOX assures us not to take the move as an insult. “Sleepy Hollow” returns to its original pairing with “Bones.” FOX higher-ups argue that the Thursday night pairing will succeed because both shows have very loyal fandoms. Well, you can’t argue with that. Sleepy Heads have done nothing but champion this show with great fervor from the start and we will continue to do so until the very end (which we hope doesn’t come for a long time.)

Sleepy Heads are an outspoken, yet loving bunch. We welcome Mr. Campbell with open arms and are eager to see how he will improve “Sleepy Hollow” in its third season. We are saddened by Mr. Jones’ departure because Irving is a beloved character that we will always treasure. Jones’ online efforts were unparalleled in rallying new viewers and his interaction with the fans was always appreciated. We are curious to see where Trollando will travel to next and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. As for the Thursday night move, fans have taken it upon themselves to keep the spirit of “Sleepy Hollow” alive in the midst of great competition.

Throughout the second season, fans felt like the show never received enough press. The incredibly charming cast is a major part of “Sleepy Hollow’s” success and appeal, yet we never see them promoting the show. Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood should be on talk shows hyping up “Sleepy Hollow’s” awesomeness. We all know that one look into Mison’s irresistible baby blues will win over a whole new gaggle of fans who will be happy to swoon over Ichabbie’s cuteness, even if it is on Thursday nights.

Sleepy Heads already saved “Sleepy Hollow,” now we want to ensure its success.@SleepyAddicts’ Chrissy Piccolo has begun a petition to get this delightful cast on talk shows, beginning with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Please sign her petition (HERE) and spread the word. Tweet your favorite talk shows (like @TheEllenShow) and encourage hosts to have the “Sleepy Hollow” cast on their shows.

We still have a lot to look forward to in Season 3 and FOX has given us a tiny teaser of what is in store for our valiant heroes:

SLEEPY HOLLOW returns for a spellbinding third season of action, time travel and “Ichabod-isms.”

When ICHABOD CRANE (Tom Mison) first awoke from a 250-year slumber, he teamed up with ABBIE MILLS (Nicole Beharie), a “leftenant” on the Sleepy Hollow police force. The two then embarked on a supernatural mission to stop evil. For two seasons, this unlikely pair of “witnesses” has followed clues from throughout history to try to stave off the apocalypse and save the world, by fighting demons, warlocks, wendigos, the Weeping Lady, the Kindred, a Succubus and the Reavers.

The startling conclusion of Season Two left the duo with a decisive, albeit heartbreaking, victory over evil, as both Katrina Crane (Katia Winter) and Henry Parrish (John Noble) – Crane’s wife and son – were slain. Season Three picks up after a disquieting break in the supernatural action, as Ichabod and Abbie adjust to a world seemingly without Molloch, witchy wives, demonic sons and headless, ex-best friends.

Abbie finds herself at a crossroads and looking for her next career challenge, while Ichabod is eager to learn more about the country he helped to found – beyond the limits of Sleepy Hollow. However, as always, nothing is ever quite what it seems, and the eerie calm will quickly give way to the next tribulation, driven by a surprising demonic presence that will challenge our duo in ways they will never see coming. With Abbie’s sister, JENNY MILLS (Lyndie Greenwood), and a few new suspicious faces lurking throughout the town, SLEEPY HOLLOW is primed to take viewers on an enchanting adventure when it premieres this fall.

The jaw-dropping, re-invigorating, and much loved finale left us with a lot of loose ends. On the heels of Jones’ departure, we can’t help but wonder if Irving will at least have a farewell episode. Fans held a funeral for the fictional character when they thought he died, for Pete’s sake! It would be a shame to send Irving off with a lame one-liner saying that he and his family have left town. Sadly, it wouldn’t be that surprising if “Sleepy Hollow” returns after a brief time-jump and explains all the changes that have occurred with a simple Ichabbie conversation.

All of the questions we had after the spellbinding and spectacular “Tempus Fugit” still stand, plus some new ones: Will Hawley, Headless, Orion, and Calvin resurface? What new foes will Ichabbie face? Will Reyes take Irving’s place and join their fight against evil? How do you hope “Sleepy Hollow” will address Jones’ exit? What would you like to see in Season 3? Share your thoughts below!

“Sleepy Hollow” returns to FOX this Fall on Thursdays at 9 p.m.

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