‘Sleepy Hollow’ Season 2 Fall Finale recap: Honor thy mother and father

Once again, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ leaves us in awe. (FOX via Twitter)

Hot damn, Sleepy Heads! “The Akeda” is one helluva midseason finale. Just like “Magnum Opus,” this episode is riveting from start to finish. The entire hour keeps you on the edge of your seats as lives hang in the balance. “Sleepy Hollow” never fails and Mark Goffman penned an exceptional episode, artfully directed by Dwight Little.

The Apocalypse is officially here and everyone is forced to make vital decisions. Good or Evil, each side suffers losses and lives are shockingly changed. In an unforeseen twist, “The Akeda” actually leaves fans with a cliffhanger that feels rather hopeful, which is a welcomed changed after so many abruptly ominous endings. Before posing all the questions this amazing episode raises, let’s properly digest the magnificence we just experienced.

Picking up from where “Magnum Opus” left off, Moloch is in full form and he’s gathered the Horsemen of War and Death. The Apocalypse is on! Ichabod and Abbie are speeding to Frederick’s Manor in hopes of finding Katrina and stopping Moloch once and for all. Electrical issues cause their car to break down, so they hop on a nearby motorcycle. Abbie used to ride one in her teens, but Ichabod feels nervous without a seat-belt to properly strap him in. He wonders if there is any other means of conveyance. A nearby stable, perhaps? Nope. By the time they reach Fred’s place, Crane announces that once they’re done saving the world, he’s getting one. Adorable! Let’s see if Ichabod keeps his word. That would awesome. Ok, enough fun and games, back to the imminent threat at hand.

They find Henry’s model of Sleepy Hollow and realize that all the locations he attacked end up forming the shape of a pentagram. (Did this remind anyone else of the train tracks layout discovered in “Supernatural’s” Season 2 finale?) This confirms how Henry has been setting the stage to raise Hell on Earth. They don’t have much time left. They hear Katrina’s screams and rush outside.

Abraham has prepared Katrina for the binding ritual. He tried giving her a chance to love him willingly, but now he’s been left with no choice. Since they are out of the enchanted cave, Abbie and Ichabod only see him as the Headless Horseman. Ichabod takes on the Headless Horseman with the Sword of Methuselah and another kick-ass duel ensues. Crane hacks off the axe and pins Abe down. Ichabod gives his former friend a choice: disclose Moloch’s location or die. Crane is full-on badass and threatens Abe with a scowl, one flinch will pierce Abe’s shell of a heart. Burn! Ichabod has Katrina extended her necklace’s enchantment so that they all can see Abraham’s face. Ichabod wants to look him in the eyes, as any true gentlemen would. Once we see Abe’s face, the Horseman surprisingly warns Crane about the sword.

We’ve heard it a million times on “Once Upon A Time,” so we expected there to be catch: All magic comes with a price. In this case, if you kill someone with the Sword of Methuselah, then the sword claims your soul and you die. Well that sucks! It’s too soon for Ichabod to lay down his life and leave Abbie hanging as the sole Witness. They all have too much work to do, so they lock Abraham up in Jefferson’s Masonic cell. (The awesomeness of this place still has not grown stale. Bobby Singer and The Winchesters would been so jealous of this interrogation room.)

Katrina interrogates Abraham in the cell, while Jenny retrieves some of the supplies and random ancient texts the witch requested. The magnitude of this moment is not lost Abbie. She knows Ichabod is dying inside as he watches his wife’s intimate approach with Abe. It is always wonderful to see how Abbie’s sensitive to Ichabod’s heartbreaking situation but keeps him grounded. As Katrina continues playing her seduction game with Abe, the Mills and Ichabod weigh their options.

They read more about the sword and Abbie fears that they may need to die to save the world. It could be their destiny as Witnesses. In those final moments, Abbie wants to make sure she and Ichabod are on the same page. Ichabod may be ready to die, but is willing to kill Henry and give up his soul? Jenny chimes in with some hope. Since Irving’s soul technically belongs to Henry, he might be able to wield the sword without dying. Maybe no one has to die to win this war. That would be awesome! We still have reason to keep the faith, Sleepy Heads!

Elsewhere, Moloch & Co. move forward with their plans. Henry stands in front of the four white trees (can’t help having flashbacks to the Season One finale here). Henry views this as his true birthplace, where he adopted his new father. From Daddy Moloch to Baby Moloch to angsty teen Moloch and back to Papa Moloch again. So twisted! Once again we hear those three haunting words from last season: “Come and see.” The first white tree lights on fire and blackens. What does this mean?! We’ll soon find out…

Back at the cell, things start to get awkward when Ichabod watches the way in which Katrina interrogates Abraham. She knows how much Abe loves her and the depth of his love is not lost on her. Katrina even tells Abraham that she still cares for him. She doesn’t want him to die. All she wants is to destroy Moloch. Ichabod is shaken to his core. The look on his face! It is as though someone pierced his heart. Katrina steps out of the cell and sees her rattled husband. He has come solely for a piece of advice. Will their plan to use Irving work? She believes so. Then Katrina tries to reassure Ichabod: If Moloch dies, then Henry’s soul will be released. They do not have to kill their son. There is always another way. Well, we know Katrina firmly stands on Team Henry. What will Ichabod decide to do?

Crane to returns to the Mills sisters at the archives. They discuss the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son and Isaac was an innocent soul. Given the choices Henry has made, his soul is far from innocent. If they are left with no other option, Crane is willing to kill Henry. So now Abraham and Henry have come between Mr. and Mrs. Crane. At this point, saying they’re going through a rough patch is an understatement. At least Abbie is relieved to know Ichabod is back on track as an objective Witness. He’s allowing logic to rule over his heart and that’s exactly what Abbie (and the world) needs from him right now. Now they just need to see how much Irving is willing to sacrifice.

With Katrina’s stamp of approval, they listen to Irving’s voicemail again and figure out the clue he left. He’s hiding in an old military post. Abbie watches over Katrina and Abraham, while Jenny and Ichabod fetch Irving.

The Captain has taken precautions to secure his perimeter (Trip wire and a shotgun! BAMF as always.) They explain the circumstances surrounding the sword. Although Irving’s soul cannot be claimed by the sword, there is sadly no guarantee that he will not die. Irving has already sacrificed so much. He would like to see his family one last time, but Ichabod says he cannot. They cannot let another moment pass and must hurry. So Irving asks Jenny and Ichabod to promise that they will always watch over Cynthia and Macy if anything should happen to him. Tears!

Irving is ready to bring the pain. He storms into Abraham’s cell and holds the sword to his neck. In a pulse-pounding interrogation, Frank assures the Headless Horseman that he is willing to die for his cause. Is Abraham ready to sacrifice himself for Moloch? He toys with Abe saying that he’s never fenced, but this sword will do all the work for him. Do not mess with sword wielding Irving!

Ultimately, Abe coughs up some much needed information. The four white trees embody each stage of the Apocalypse. Each tree is increasingly more evil. The first tree beings the apocalyptic lightning storm, the second brings blood, the third unleashes Moloch’s demon army and when the last tree blackens, there will be Hell on Earth.

Irving is ready to take Abe out after getting their answer, but Katrina stops him. Abraham may be useful later. Ichabod supports his wife’s decision and says Moloch is their primary target on this night. Alrighty then! If that’s the case, then they need to “weapon up,” as Jenny says. She heads out to see Nick for a solid supply of ammo. They’ll meet up later at the archives.

When Jenny tells Nick that the Apocalypse is happening NOW, he’s doubtful. Everyone always thinks that, but things turn out to be okay. Then it hails blood and he quickly becomes a believer. They bring loads of cool supernatural weapons to the archives. Nick shows off Blackbeard’s flintlock guns that slayed Leviathans, along with a bunch of other awesome things. Ichabod takes a liking to a crossbow infused with the strength of previous Samurai warriors. (Can we get a featurette on all of “Sleepy Hollow’s” twistorical weaponry? Please and thank you!) When Nick learns that Crane is married to a witch he gives him a nod and quips, “Nice work.” This bromance is growing on us with every episode. Now that they’re all weaponed up, Abbie takes Nick down to the Masonic cell.

Abbie gets serious and tells Nick that she is leaving him in charge of the Headless Horseman. This isn’t a game. Demons may try to break him out. Hell is rising. Nick needs to step up. Just to rub it in a little more, she adds that this is not a party, he can’t have any friends over. Ha! While she puts Nick in his place, Ichabod strives to better understand his wife’ position.

Crane confronts Katrina for real. This isn’t the sweet little chat like the one they had in bed. Ichabod is at his wit and heart’s end with Katrina’s behavior. He has been trying to understand her and realizes that she has been acting as a spy. Nonetheless, her interaction with Abraham has roused Ichabod’s suspicions. Does Katrina truly have feelings for Abraham? After all of her lies and everything they’ve been through, Ichabod keeps questioning his wife’s loyalty more and more. In fact, Ichabod Crane questions the very idea of their marriage. This causes quite a blow to Katrina. She is heartbroken and devastated to see that Ichabod has lost so much faith in her. She agrees that for the time being, they no longer need to view themselves as husband and wife. They shall consider one another as soldiers and comrades in arms until Moloch is defeated. Whether you ship the Cranes or Ichabbie, watching a marriage in such turmoil is always a heartbreaking site. Especially when they’ve spent so long yearning to be reunited. Still, this is a much needed and epic blow-out for the Cranes. Voices were raised. The gang walks in on this terribly awkward moment and they brace for battle.

Meanwhile in the woods, Moloch is mad at Henry. He failed once again by losing the sword. He tells Henry to send his Horseman of War to retrieve the sword. This shot is stunning. An image of the armored Horseman riding off with his burning torch is reflected in Henry’s glasses. Beautifully filmed and it looks so cool. As he rides away, Moloch raises his army of dead soldiers from their graves. Creepy!

Our heroes are under attack in the woods. Abbie gets shot, Irving wields the sword, Katrina uses her magic and Ichabod utilizes his crossbow. Everyone is finally working altogether as a team and it is glorious. As Jenny takes Abbie to safety in a nearby church, the leftenant shouts: “Crane, finish it!”

Out on the battlefield, the Horseman of War approaches. Irving clasps the sword fiercely saying, “I’ve got this.” Ichabod looks on is awe as Irving chops off War’s arm. Henry feels the sting of it. Oooh interesting! If the Horseman falls, will Henry die too?! War slices Irving’s side, but the Captain perseveres and impales the sword into War. Holy crap! Moloch’s minion melts into a burning puddle of lava and seeps into the soil. As an extension of himself dies, Henry sheds a tear of blood.

Ichabod’s face conveys a flurry of emotions: elation, relief, pride in his friend’s courage and overall badassery. But all of that fades away in a split second when Ichabod realizes that Irving has been gravely injured. Crane urgently screams for Katrina’s assistance, but her magic isn’t working. Ichabod tries giving Frank some comfort, assuring him that all is well while Katrina continues repeating the incantation over his wound. She cannot stop the bleeding. Crane snaps at her to keeping trying. Tears stream down her face as she pours her all into trying to save him. Ichabod holds Irving’s attention and tries rallying his fellow soldier: “You are a captain. You fight.” Sadly, their efforts are not good enough. Irving sacrifices himself to save the world from Moloch’s reign.

Wait. What?! Noooo! This is too shocking to even process. If you were too stunned to cry in the moment, then you were not alone. It took a second viewing to let it sink in. Then the sob-fest started. The entire sequence leading up to Irving’s death, the Crane’s desperate attempt to save him and then Abbie’s reaction. That is what really strikes a chord and opens up the tear ducts.

Ichabod and Katrina return to the church without Irving and a simple headshake confirms the Mills’ worst fear. Abbie is devastated by Irving’s death. She bolts to the door and wants to run out to him, but Ichabod stops her. He holds onto his partner as she painstaking mourns the loss of her beloved Captain and dear friend.

Wow! Goosebumps all around. This entire sequence was brilliant. Such raw emotion. Phenomenal performances from Orlando Jones, Nicole Beharie, Tom Mison, Katia Winter and Lyndie Greenwood. They ripped our hearts out with this one. But let’s not lose faith, Sleepy Heads. This is “Sleepy Hollow” and people don’t die easily on supernatural shows. This will not be the last we’ve seen of Mr. BAMF. (No, really, it’s not denial…it is hope. #ResurrectIrving!)

They bring Irving into the church and lay him to rest. Abbie laments, “We’ve lost him.” Jenny can’t believe it and wonders if he’s really gone. (Good question, Jenny. Maybe Irving is just mostly dead. Somebody call Miracle Max!) In another moving speech, Ichabod honors Irving by saying that he died a hero and however difficult it may be, they must soldier on in his name. Ichabod kneels beside Abbie, lays down the sword and makes a vow, “I swear to you, his sacrifice will not be in vain.” Abbie agrees and grabs the sword. Frank was family and she’s ready take Moloch out herself. Ichabod objects. He moves in to retrieve the sword, but she aims it at him. Abbie is not backing down. So Ichabod makes another one of his sigh-inducing passionate, tear-jerking pleas.

Crane cannot bear to lose another friend by Moloch’s hands. His eyes could nearly well up at the thought of being without Abbie. Katrina chimes in with her hesitations, but Ichabod cuts her off. He apologizes to his wife saying, “Sorry, my love.” Then explains how it is his place to make this sacrifice. After all, he’s been living on borrowed time. He returned for this purpose. Abbie disagrees. They are all in this together and they will fight this war together. Abbie will take the sword first, when she falls, Ichabod will pick it up, then Katrina and Jenny. The Witnesses have been willing to sacrifice themselves, now they must let go of the ones they love. Abbie pledges, “I’m not going to let Moloch take another soul from this earth. Never again.” Ichabod admits that Abbie is right and he thanks her. Abbie has been holding down the fort this whole time and Ichabod knows it. She says not to thank her just yet, she still hasn’t revealed her plan.

“Sleepy Hollow,” you guys are killing us! Mison and Beharie are so perfect it hurts. Her nearly tearful conviction, the pain in his eyes at the thought of Abbie falling before him. Holy crap! Ichabbie has reduced us to a hot mess of emotions. This episode is so beautiful and agonizing. Our hearts are literally hurting right now. Abbie has been the unwavering voice of reason all season long. Of course she would be the one to step up and keep everybody on track in the final moments. The leftentant totally deserves a promotion after all of this. Abbie runs Team Witness like a boss. Speaking of bosses, Moloch has new orders for Henry.

Henry has failed Moloch yet again. Since his Horseman has fallen, Moloch instructs Henry to fetch the sword himself. Ha! Henry’s reaction is a hoot. What?! Poor feeble Henry against the gang? This can’t be. Henry is stunned. John Noble plays this so wonderfully. Again, he transforms into a child before our eyes. He is perplexed and disappointed. The feelings of being abandoned and forsaken come rushing back. His adopted father is practically condemning Henry to death. Moloch could care less about Henry’s feelings. The Horrid King lords over his disciple and mercilessly explains how there have been horsemen before Henry and there will be more after him. Ouch, big time burn! Moloch pompously exclaims, “Be grateful for the chance to sacrifice yourself for my glory.” Um, that doesn’t sound very paternal. But then again, what did Henry seriously expect from Moloch – a hug? Dumbfounded Henry realizes that his pleading will not change Moloch’s mind. Only Noble could make you feel remotely sorry for Henry in this moment. This is what his real, caring parents were warning him about. Nonetheless, Henry sucks it up, obeys his “father” and heads over to the church to confront Team Witness.

Abbie is the first to greet him in the church. She turns his words back on him: “War is Hell.” He’s War and she’s sending him back to Hell. Abbie is quick with the quips in the midst of the Apocalypse. Bringing roots to a sword fight, ha! The words roll of Henry. He taunts Abbie and mocks his father for hiding. As she steps in to attack, Henry binds Abbie with those pesky roots. Jenny shoots him with a supernatural fighting gun, but it has no impact and she gets rooted-up too. Henry takes the Sword of Methuselah. Katrina steps out, reciting an incantation that reveals the sword is a fake. Nice! Ichabod comes out of the shadows and aims the real sword at Henry’s throat. Katrina assures Henry that their quarrel is with Moloch alone. He must let them go stop this madness. Henry puts the church on lockdown and says they’ll have to kill him to get to Moloch.

Here’s the showdown we’ve been waiting for and it has us on the edge of our seats. Henry goats Ichabod to strike. This one gesture will save humanity. Even the way he says “father” brutally hits a nerve. Abbie tells Ichabod he knows what he must do. Katrina looks on in fear of watching her husband kill their son. Crane doesn’t flinch, instead he tells Henry the story of Abraham and Isaac in the book of Genesis. Henry is familiar with the “Binding of Isaac” and wants Ichabod to get to the point.

Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, but at the last second God sent a ram to be sacrificed in Isaac’s place. Abbie’s getting nervous and is afraid Ichabod is going back on his word. She asserts her steadfast stance against Henry in a simple yet loaded snap, “Crane!” Ichabod continues with his proposition to Henry. As he promised Abbie, Crane is willing to lose his life by killing Henry with the Sword of Methuselah, if he must. But there is another way. There is a giant ram that can take Henry’s place. All Henry needs to do is take them to Moloch. The horned devil can be sacrificed and Henry’s life will be spared. Ichabod pleads, “My son, let me dispatch Moloch to Hell and you will be free to live a life of your making. Not as a pawn in his game, but as a loved one in a world of Free Will.” Well said, Crane. Sounds like a no brainer.

Henry is stunned to learn that his parents would still sacrifice themselves and let him live. Katrina explains how that is the true meaning of “sacrifice.” Ichabod asks Henry to allow him to fulfill his destiny as a Witness and end Moloch’s madness. Let them pass already! Henry is touched to see that his parents never gave up on him and now he knows they never will.

You have to love the varying looks on everybody’s face in this moment. The Mills sisters don’t trust Henry for a second. They are both thinking, “Hell no! Don’t believe a word Henry’s saying.” Meanwhile, the Cranes are stilling wondering if this will really work. They’re also just about teary-eyed because Henry is getting mushy on them. They stand their ground, but hold onto their faith in their son. Ichabod breaks eye contact with Henry and looks at Katrina for a spit second. Has Henry come around? Is he sincerely moved by the Cranes’ compassionate plea?

Nope! Henry lunges out and grabs Ichabod by the throat. Yikes! That caught us off guard, even though we should’ve expected it. He takes the sword and boasts that since he’s immortal, the same rules don’t apply to him. Henry sneers, “Faith, hope, and charity. The holy trinity has brought you to your knees again, Father.” With that, he takes them to Moloch.

It’s almost like déjà vu (or a mild case of TVPTSD.) Jenny, Abbie and Ichabod are strapped to the three black tree that already brought on the first stages of the Apocalypse. Katrina is tied to the final tree, which still remains white. Once this tree turns black, it’s game over. Moloch orders Henry to kill the witch and bring on the Apocalypse. Henry hesitates, saying Katrina belongs to Abraham. Moloch says that Abraham failed, so he gets nothing. Henry asks about the bargain Moloch made with Abe. That doesn’t mean anything either.

“Abraham is nothing. You are nothing but what I made you. Sacrifice your mother. Now.” growls Moloch. Henry rises from his knees and aims the sword at Katrina. As he moves to strike, Ichabod cries out, “Take me!” Katrina says they want her. Henry hushes her. He wants to talk some more about Abraham’s story.

Henry speaks of the Akeda and is disgusted by the thought of a cruel and merciless god who would ask a man to kill his child. He explains that the moral of the story is not in Abraham’s sacrifice or Isaac’s salvation, but in the events that followed. Isaac never spoke to Abraham again. Their father-son bond was eternally severed the moment Abraham agreed to sacrifice his child. Henry believes Isaac’s actions were justified. Henry preaches, “For any man willing to sacrifice his child should die!” He winds up his arms and prepares to swing the sword. Ichabod squeezes his eyes shut and the ladies all wince. Henry shockingly spins around and plunges the sword into Moloch.


Moloch burns red and explodes into dust. We are left hanging in this jaw-dropping moment until “Sleepy Hollow” returns on Jan. 5.


Bravo! A round of applause for the entire “Sleepy Hollow” team. The two-part finale was exceptional. The series has received a lot of flak from its fans this season, but this mid-season finale should put those doubters at ease. “Sleepy Hollow” is still at the top of its game. This show is grounded in masterful storytelling. The creators know the ultimate end-game, so everything we are seeing now is happening for a reason. The doubters/critics/complainers just need to keep calm and have faith in “Sleepy Hollow.” The best is yet to come.


“The Akeda” was full of so many perfect moments that satisfied fans across the board. We finally got that climatic confrontation we’ve been waiting for between Ichabod and Katrina. You know that’ll come back when things simmer down. Everything Ichabbie related was glorious in so many way. Sighs, laughs, and cries. They make us turn into mush every time. Irving was full-on badass. He saved his soul and then some. If a character had to die, this is one helluva way to go out on top like a true hero. Nick popped in for some comic relief and killer weapons. Jenny has her sister’s back and brings her A-game to every fight. Abraham turned out to be helpful, which comes as a bit of a shock. Neil Jackson has brought a lot of heart and compassion to the Headless Horseman. He successfully humanized such an iconic villain. Of course, Henry surprised us all.

We’d be left speechless if we didn’t have so many questions:

Is Irving really dead? It seems doubtful. Orlando Jones is a “Sleepy Hollow” staple. If he’s supposed to be legit dead, then there must be a supernatural loophole or some crazy way to bring him back. Maybe Henry can even do something about. If not, we know there will always be flashbacks, hauntings, or some sort of metaphysical explanation for future appearances.

What’s the deal with Henry now? His soul has been set free. As Ichabod said, he can lead his own life and utilize his Free Will. Will he continue to be a lawyer? Does he want to develop a relationship with his parents? If they become a happy family, this’ll be even more disturbing than the bizarre family situations we’ve seen on “Once Upon A Time.”

Is Henry still evil? Did he kill Moloch only to take his place as the Horrid King? Will Henry need to answer for Moloch’s death? Did Moloch have a contingency plan in place in case something like this ever happened? What if a new bigger bad steps up to raise Hell on Earth?

What kind of domino effect will Moloch’s death have? Are the other Horsemen also freed? Will we see the other two in Sleepy Hollow living as normal people? What’s happening with Abraham? Will he decide to stay and fight for Katrina’s love as a free man?


We may not have concrete answers for a while, but we do have a little bit of scoop to hold us over. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Goffman discusses this episode’s game-changing moments and teases the future of “Sleepy Hollow”:

About Irving’s return: Goffman says that “anything can happen” in Sleepy Hollow. He also acknowledges the fact that just because a character dies, it doesn’t mean they are gone. Goffman says about Irving,

“So while again, I felt like it was the right way to play out his storyline, I think you’ll find that there is more to his story.”

Phew! Still hoping for an Irving resurrection. Really, this can’t be the end of Jones’ role on “Sleepy Hollow.” He’s a series regular and we still haven’t seen enough about Frank’s life.

As for where Henry stands, Goffman says we’ll have to tune in to find out:

“To me, just because he killed Moloch in that moment doesn’t make him good. We don’t know why he did it. It could have been purely because he felt betrayed by Moloch. It could be because he just couldn’t summon the strength to kill his mother. It could be because he found good within him. It could be something wholly unexpected, and he has his own plan. We don’t know yet, and that’s something that we’ll find out over time.”

Ending Moloch’s storyline has been liberating for the writers. Now we know that Henry isn’t sending a new monster-of-the-week after Team Witness. It opens them up to a new world of supernatural creatures and multi-cultural lore.

Goffman also teases some upcoming comedic moments:

“We’ve got some great twistory coming up. Benjamin Franklin’s going to be coming back; we have an episode with Thomas Jefferson, and I can’t wait to tell you who’s going to be playing Thomas Jefferson. It’s really fun. We also have a lot of fun with the “man out of time” moments with Crane. I think we have some great ones planned. As we get back to episodes that are really Abbie/Crane centered, I think that comedy and levity just naturally emerges, because Tom [Mison] and Nicole [Beharie] are just so good at it. The tone that we get from them is just a joy to watch and to write. … We’re going to learn a little bit about Fort Knox—Henry Knox, who was around in Crane’s day. There’s going to be a karaoke scene, or episode with some karaoke in it. We’ll see Crane understanding a microphone and bouncing balls on the screen. [There’s] some interplay with robots; an encounter with a real estate agent, which I think is going to be pretty hilarious.”

(UPDATE: TVLINE reports that Steven Weber (“Wings”) has been cast as Thomas Jefferson! Well now we know for sure that Jefferson’s going to be quite a character. This should be fun!)

Hawley fans will be in for a treat:

“We have an episode coming up in the back half that really features him, and we get to learn a lot more about his history. I think people are going to understand him a lot better after that episode.”

.Goffman also wants fans to know that the season finale is going to be a “mind-bender.” He explains:

“You know, the season finale, which I’m working on now, is a real mind-bender, and I think we listen to our fans—we love that they’re so passionate about our show, and we really aim to a high bar for their standards and our own. I think when we get to the end of the season and you see how it all comes together, and what Abbie’s arc ends up being at the end, it’s really mind-blowing. I hope we get to have this conversation in about two months, because I’m really curious to see what people think.”

Sounds like Abbie will be taking center stage in the back-end of the season. Sleepy Heads will be happy to dig deeper into the world of Abbie Mills. Now we’ll be looking out for clues, trying to see what twists can take place with Abbie.

Give Me My Remote’s Marisa Roffman also spoke with Goffman. He explains:

“We’re going to test Abbie in some other ways as well, though. There’s one in particular I’m excited about in the finale that’s [a] really big Abbie story. And it starts in episode 17 and then climaxes in the finale. And I think it will give Abbie a completely different and new understanding of the world. And I think that’s really exciting for us and the character.”

He leaves Roffman with a few more awesome teases:

“We have…some really fun moments coming up with Crane going house hunting. That’s actually going to be a lot of fun…. We’re going to encounter an angel in our midseason premiere, and I think that’s pretty exciting and is going to change the dynamic for our team.”

Yay! An angel! On Nov. 24 I tweeted Goffman, asking if the Witnesses would ever receive some Divine/Heavenly help and he replied: “in short, yes. but when…?” Now we have the answer!

This is awesome! Who will this angel be? Who sent the angel? How will this angel help the Witnesses? Will we meet more celestial beings? Will there be a Castiel joke? Haha. #SuperSleepy

We also know that “Sleepy Hollow” will be taking a look back at the Salem Witch Trials. In another interview with EW, Goffman adds that Katrina’s ancestors have ties to the trials. We’ll be learning even more about her bewitching past and lineage.

Yup, “Sleepy Hollow” just keeps getting better!

What did you all think, Sleepy Heads? Did “The Akeda” live up to the hype? Were shocked by Irving’s death and that killer cliffhanger? Do you think Henry can be trusted now? What were your favorite moments? What do you hope to see when the show returns?

Share your thoughts, theories, eulogies, etc. in the comments below!

“Sleepy Hollow” returns Monday, Jan. 5 at 9 p.m. on FOX.

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