‘Sleepy Hollow’ S1 Finale recap: Keep the Faith

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Did the season finale blow your mind?! (Photo credit: Brownie Harris/FOX via FoxFlash)

If you are reading this, you have already watched Monday’s (Jan. 20) mind-melting ‘Sleepy Hollow’ finale and you are probably trying to wrap your brain around what just happened. If you have not yet seen it, go watch the epic events and come back later because there are MAJOR SPOILERS up ahead.

Orlando Jones was right. The signs were there all along. How could we not see this coming?! It was right in front of our faces and we missed it. We trusted him, cared for him, feared for his life every time he took a risk to help Ichabod and Abbie. We examined all possible twists for an hour and forty-five minutes, trying to see how the Sleepy Writers could shock us. One by one each character proved to be trustworthy and loyal to the cause, all until the very last moment when viewers simultaneously exclaimed “Holy s—!” Because there are no other words to capture the sentiment.

We fell for Henry’s façade and played right into his hands. Oh the betrayal! This was good, like brilliant and ballsy good. Again, this finale demonstrates how ‘Sleepy Hollow’ is set apart from other shows. You can always tell when a series is winging it and changes the story suddenly mid-season. ‘Sleepy Hollow’ was conceived on a cinematic scale, so it truly played out like a 13 part movie. Every episode was carefully and cleverly crafted as one part of an epic story. Seeds were planted early on, but there were plenty of wild distractions to keep us from seeing the truth.

I am in awe. Congratulations on a job well done, ‘Sleepy Hollow.’ This season was spectacular from start to finish. I really hope this show gets recognized during awards season because it deserves critical accolades on all fronts.

Ok, take a deep breath and get ready to rehash the mind-numbing events of tonight’s spellbinding finale.

“The Indispensable Man” takes us on a journey through the past and we embark on one last Masonic quest before the season’s end. We begin with a bit of levity as Ichabod Crane grows accustomed to using a cell phone. He can text people! Very impressive. He also buys into modern day consumerism and already wants a newer, better, cooler phone. The only bummer with the new iPhone is that Siri ain’t no match for OnStar’s Yolanda (Seriously, how cute was that scene?! Ichabod is too precious.)

Moving on to the matter at hand.

Abbie tells Ichabod that Andy Brooks paid her a visit. Because he loves her so much, Brooks gives her one last chance to save herself and join Moloch on the dark side, but she turns him down. He confides in Abbie and tells her that Moloch wants Washington’s Bible so he can gain access to a map. When Abbie continues to shut him down, Brooks reminds her that Ichabod is destined to betray her and hand her soul over to Moloch. Ichabod promises Abbie that he will never betray her trust. He then shares the exciting discovery he has made.

Ichabod figured out that Washington’s Bible has an extra 10 verses under the passage about Lazarus, so he brushes the page with his invisible ink-revealing lemonade concoction and unveils another hidden message. Good old Georgie boy new Ichabod was a Witness and left instructions for Crane as well as another supernatural history lesson.

On his deathbed, Washington came up with a plan. He asked to be resurrected, so that he could relay a message after crossing over. As he existed in limbo between both worlds, the original POTUS discovered the path to Purgatory. Washington drew up a map to Purgatory and left it behind for Ichabod. This map may be the key to gaining an upper hand in the war against Moloch.

Ichabod is excited to have finally found a way to free his wife, but Abbie remains hesitant. So the two of them reach an “accord.” Ichabod will try not to let his feelings for Katrina cloud his judgment when it comes to using the map and Abbie will not doubt Ichabod’s loyalty by stressing over Moloch ominous prophecy.

They examine the Bible for clues on the map’s whereabouts and discover something interesting. The decapitated Reverend/Warlock Alfred Knapp signed the document as a witness/participant. Knapp’s beads were used to perform the reanimation spell on Washington. Due to the spell, the prayer beads contain sin. Abbie and Ichabod enlist Henry Parrish’s help to visit Knapp’s grave and figure out where the map is hidden so that they can get it before Moloch’s minions.

Speaking of Moloch’s minions, Brooks took great offense to Abbie’s rejection. Despite his efforts to help her, she never hides the way she feels about him. This last encounter pushes him over the edge and he decides to dedicate himself to Moloch completely. Brooks undergoes an evil metamorphosis of sorts inside a cocoon, while Abbie and Ichabod track down the map.

Knapp’s body was preserved by a spell, so it isn’t all decaying and gross when Ichabod, Abbie and Henry open his crypt. Knapp was buried with the protective prayer beads he used to cast the Lazarus spell over Washington, so Henry touches the sinful hexed beads to gain insight on what really happened. The beads burn his hand, but Henry sucks it up and endures the pain in order to help his friends. Aww. He sees a few brief flashes of the past, but nothing explicit. Given the harm it caused Henry, Abbie wonders if they should just leave the map be. Crane struggles with the thought of choosing the greater good over Katrina. Suddenly, Moloch’s minions attack the threesome in the graveyard. The map is more dangerous than they thought. They need to find it before it falls into the wrong hands. The gang returns to the bunker to regroup and come up with a solid plan.

Everybody starts to scour through Corbin’s files, historical records and Washington’s Bible for more clues. Ichabod puts on his Masonic thinking cap and reviews everything they’ve learned. He realizes that there is a third secret burial site for Washington’s grave. He asks Henry to describe his vision of the past and deduces a single location near Sleepy Hollow. While they map out where Washington’s real grave is hidden, Brooks emerges from his cocoon.

Once again, kudos to the graphics department because John Cho looks straight-up creepy with his demonic alien cone-head, translucent pale veiny skin and black eyes. Now he is a full-fledged servant of Moloch who is ready to stop Abbie and Ichabod from getting that map.

Luckily, Ichabod, Abbie and Henry quickly find their way to little Bannerman’s Island on which Washington’s gravesite was hidden. Ichabod follows Masonic clues to find a super cool trap door. Meanwhile, Abbie confides in Henry about her concern over the prophecy. She fears Ichabod will turn on her, but Henry tells her not to take it too seriously. (The back and forth between Abbie and Ichabod’s possible fledgling loyalty served as quite the distraction from what’s really going on throughout the episode.) Ichabod finds the marker and Abbie helps move the small boulder which opens the way. The ground trembles and a door leads into an underground crypt.

The set design for this place is absolutely stunning. The angel statues, the secret passage ways, the badass booby trap and Washington’s hidden tomb are all beautiful and spectacular. In a sequence straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, Ichabod carefully examines the crypt to find a safe way to open Washington’s (aka “The Indispensable Man”) tomb. A seal with Cincinnatus covers one crypt. Abbie shows off her knowledge of Latin history (Crane isn’t the only smarty-pants show-off) and Ichabod explains how the Roman general was George’s hero because “he represented the idea that power should be only given to those who want it least.” (I like the sound of that. It helps us understand why Crane respected Washington so much.) As Crane closely examines the site, he discovers that his ring is a key and opens the door to Washington’s tomb in which the decayed POTUS’ skeleton grips the map tightly.

Ichabod opens that map and is elated by the thought of freeing his wife. Once again, Abbie questions her friend’s loyalty. Suddenly, Demon Brooks jumps in all ‘Matrix’-ed up and attacks them. He starts strangling Abbie as she pleads for the real Andy to break through. Henry absorbs his sins briefly and old Brooks shines through. He tells Abbie to destroy the map because Moloch needs it to win the war. He then begs Abbie to kill him and release him from Moloch’s damnation. She harpoons him through the head, leaving a gaping hole. The walls start crumbling and Ichabod spots an exit through Washington’s chamber using another Masonic trick. Brooks rises (what does it take to kill this guy?!) and Abbie shoots the booby trapped lever, caging Andy in the crypt while they make their getaway.

Ichabod, Abbie and Henry surface in the woods. Abbie sets the prophecy aside and asks Ichabod what he wants to do with the map. Ichabod sets the map on fire and tells Abbie that using the map is not worth betraying her trust. Henry jumps to stop him, but Ichabod continues to explain the importance of Abbie’s friendship. He sweetly tells Abbie, “I choose to forge my fate with you.” Swoon! Abbie promises him that they will find a way to save Katrina. Aww!

Ok not to be a downer, but I have to keep it real. This was super sweet, but the whole time I kept thinking that Ichabod was memorizing the map with his photographic memory. He means everything he’s saying to Abbie, but he’s also a gifted genius who will find a way to save his wife and stay loyal to his friend. Moving on…let’s check in with Irving before rounding up part one of this crazy two-hour finale.

During Ichabod, Abbie and Henry’s adventure, Captain Irving has been dealing with the consequences of Macey’s possession. Irving’s boss from New York has come into Sleepy Hollow demanding answers. Irving cryptically says that Evil is responsible for what happened to the priest and Det. Jones. Since you can’t lock Evil up as a suspect, the head honcho orders DNA tests for Macey, Cynthia and anybody else around the crime scene. Irving warns him to have a warrant before coming close to his family again.

After thinking about everything his family has gone through (via a nice montage), Irving confesses to the murders himself in order to protect his wife and daughter. Poor Irving is getting locked up! This isn’t good. What happened to Det. Luke Morales? Will he be able to corroborate the strange events that can prove Irving’s innocence? Way to leave us hanging!

As the first hour concludes, Ichabod recalls the promise he made to Katrina. Saving her means too much to him, so he sits down and re-creates Washington’s map to Purgatory with a single tear streaming down his cheek (a la Dean Winchester).

I love the way “Bad Blood” begins. Ichabod follows a redhead into the battlefield thinking she is Katrina, but he is mistaken. Crane thinks he’s in a dream until she breaks character and explains that this is all a re-enactment. As soon as Ichabod discovers that he can purchase their costumes, he is elated and finally gets himself some new “old” clothes. This was so awesome. It is the perfect way to keep Crane’s wardrobe new. Brilliant move, sleepy writers! Unfortunately, an urgent call from Henry cuts his shopping-spree a little short.

Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny meet Henry at Corbin’s cabin. Abbie is prepared to attend Irving’s hearing, but Henry bursts in with bad news before she heads out. He had a premonition: on this very day, Moloch plans to raise Hell.

It has been exactly 13 years to the day since Jenny and Abbie saw Moloch in the woods during an eclipse. In his vision, Henry saw Moloch surrounded by four white trees and he was a raising a creature. Everybody chimes in with pieces of the puzzle. The Horseman of War shall rise and a saint’s name serves as a clue. Ichabod, Jenny and Henry head to the bunker, while Abbie goes to meet Cynthia at the station.

Irving has already been sent upstate (Uh oh!), but he left a package behind for Abbie. She takes it to the rest of the gang, who has been busy making a new plan.

Ichabod has done some research and discovered that a binding spell can be cast on the soil to stop War from emerging. The problem is they need a powerful witch to cast that spell and all the witches they know are dead, except for Katrina. So they go back to square one except now Katrina’s release from Purgatory is for the sake of survival rather than love alone. Ichabod admits to recreating the map. Abbie feels hurt that Ichabod lied to her, but she doesn’t hold a grudge. Plus, Ichabod wouldn’t have used it without her permission, so she has to admit that she appreciates his gifts, at least a little. (I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting it: Ichabod, we all appreciate you.)

Ichabod shows them the map and singles out an intersecting area that serves as the doorway to Purgatory. But that is only part of the epic puzzle. They also need to figure out the saint’s name to get the whole picture. Luckily, Irving’s package for Abbie contains several recordings of Corbin’s meetings with Knapp over the years. She gives the tapes to Jenny and asks her to figure out the saint’s name using Corbin’s research. At this point, Jenny pulls Abbie aside for a sisterly heart-to-heart.

Jenny is worried about what will happen when Abbie enters Purgatory. Abbie wants to face Moloch and put this whole thing behind them. Jenny then recalls their childhood. When they were scared, the Mills sisters would go upstairs to play tea-party in their pretty dollhouse. Abbie would tell Jenny to pretend they lived in that dollhouse, where everything would be okay and they would be safe. Jenny always believed her. Abbie promises she will not lose Jenny again and asks her to have faith. Jenny promises to come after Abbie if she’s not back by sundown. As they hug, Jenny stresses, “Come back to me.” It is another beautiful scene between Nicole Beharie and Lyndie Greenwood. These ladies sure know how to tug at your heartstrings. So sweet! Commencing forth…

Ichabod, Abbie and Henry find the right spot in the woods. Ichabod knows they can find Katrina in the chapel where she prays daily for Jeremy. Before they open the portal, Henry warns them about the temptations in Purgatory. Moloch will play mind games. Do not accept food or drink. If they do, they’ll be trapped in Purgatory forever. Henry caringly instructs Ichabbie: “Hold on to each other in your hearts. Nothing can separate you.” Ichabod and Abbie must always remember their profound bond because that will keep them grounded in reality. Henry sweetly says he has faith in his dear friends and he looks forward to meeting Katrina. What a beautifully delivered impassioned speech from John Noble. Goosebumps!

Ichabod and Abbie read the incantation, Crane takes her hand as the mirror-portal to Purgatory shatters open and they step inside.

Abbie awakes in Corbin’s cabin. It is as though the past few months never happened. She attended Quantico as planned and she’s at the top of her class. She simply came home because of an injury she received during a drill. Corbin and Brooks have been taking care of her while she’s been on the mend. She is so happy to see Corbin again. She hugs him and finds comfort in his presence, yet she realizes that she’s supposed to remember something.

Elsewhere, Ichabod looks around for Abbie, but finds himself back at Oxford. In his own ideal scenario, Papa Crane (guest star Victor Garber) welcomes Ichabod home from the war. A group of Brits have gathered to celebrate Ichabod’s service and victory in the war (except the history is all wrong). Ichabod will follow in his father’s footstep and become a professor at Oxford. Luckily, Ichabod realizes that none of it makes sense.

Ichabod says his father disavowed him when he deserted the Brits to fight for America. Papa Crane calls him a rum-beggar and laughs it off as a joke. His father’s welcoming warmth nearly brings tears to Ichabod’s eyes. Papa Crane says, “You are and always will be a child after my own heart.” As father and son embrace, he adds, “I love you my boy.” Sigh! Then they bring out the celebratory booze.

Simultaneously, Corbin and Brooks offer Abbie some apple pie a la mode. We are taken back to that moment at the diner in the pilot. This show has come a long way since then. Corbin is so proud of Abbie. He urges her to eat up, but just before she takes her first bite, Corbin says “It’s just like old times.” That triggers Abbie’s memories. She says this isn’t real and tries to leave the cabin. Brooks and Corbin creepily beg her not to leave, but she manages to make it out of the door.

Papa Crane makes a toast to Ichabod. He always said a child will be led by a parent’s example rather than his advice. He is proud of Ichabod for having followed both. As Ichabod touches the glass to his lips he remembers what he told Abbie on Thanksgiving and realizes that this is all a dream. Papa Crane quickly turns on Ichabod, spewing out the harshest words, disowning him once again as his eyes blacken. Ichabod stands his ground, “I felt the pain of your shunning once before and I loved you still.” Wow. This whole experience revealed another layer of Ichabod’s strong character. It takes a lot for a child to show unconditional love towards his parent and Ichabod did just that. This is a cruel memory that Moloch rehashed for poor Ichabod. Nonetheless, Ichabod rejects the façade and escapes to search for Abbie.

Ichabod sees Purgatory for what it really is. Spooky bodies walking aimlessly, a faceless woman crying on a chair and then there’s Abbie lying on the ground. Ichabod approaches and a fist bump proves each person is the “genuine article” (Awesome!)

Ichabod and Abbie find Katrina in the chapel. He tells her the plan, but Katrina explains that there is a catch. If Katrina leaves Purgatory, another soul must take her place. Ichabod says he will stay because he refuses to betray Abbie and fulfill Moloch’s prophecy. Abbie says she must face Moloch and tells Ichabod that she will stay behind. Abbie passionately pleads her case: “This is the only way. We were chosen for this, to sacrifice ourselves so that humanity can endure, so that people can choose their destinies.” Well, it’s hard to argue with that.

Katrina gives Abbie an amulet that will protect her from Moloch. Crane swears that he will come back for her. He tenderly hugs her and says, “Remember our bond. I will come back for you.”

And there go the waterworks! This is what I love most about Ichabbie. It’s not about romance. Ichabod and Abbie are friends and partners in the truest sense. No matter what happens, they will always have a shared sense of loyalty and trust. I hate seeing them part ways.

Crane then looks into her eyes and firmly says, “Faith…” Moloch approaches and his words of encouragement are cut short.

Ichabod takes Katrina’s hands and they recite the incantation, as they utter the final words, he locks eyes with Abbie. The mirror wall shatters and the Cranes are spit back into the Sleepy Hollow woods. Henry greets them and sees that the prophecy has come true, although Ichabod vows to come back for Abbie. Meanwhile in Purgatory, Abbie gives Moloch a piece of her mind.

The beast taunts her, but she doesn’t back down. He grabs her by the neck and says, “Now you are mine.” Abbie snaps back that she was never his. She burns him with the amulet and runs away.

Back in Sleepy Hollow, Katrina is ecstatic to be in the real world. Henry introduces himself to Katrina and says it is a pleasure to make her acquaintance. Katrina’s magical mojo is still weak, but she musters up enough power to point them in the right direction. Crane marvels, “I married a witch. How…cool.” Katrina looks perplexed, but he assures her she’ll eventually learn their modern lingo. (Love it!) While they head off towards the four white trees, we see what Jenny has learned from Corbin’s records.

Jenny drives to Trinity church, which has been abandoned for over 100 years. Corbin believed the place might hold some answers. She starts looking around for a sign.

Slowly the pieces of the puzzle masterfully start coming together as we flash back and forth between three storylines.

Katrina, Ichabod and Henry near the white trees and she can feel the evil presence lurking. Henry points to the trees and says this is where the horseman will emerge.

Jenny listens to Corbin’s recording stating that the church was renamed several times. She finally stumbles upon an old sign (literally.) Jenny has the answer, but we don’t see the name on it. The eclipse is underway, so she gets in the car and calls Abbie to tell her not to trust…Bam!

As she speeds down the road, the Headless Horseman guns her down. Jenny is left bloody on the road and the Horseman rides away. Is she still alive?! Ugh! We’ll have to wait until Season 2 to find out.

Over in Purgatory, Moloch is wreaking havoc trying to track Abbie down. She falls through the ground and wakes up in her childhood dollhouse. The red writing on the wall says, “Don’t get scared.” She sees a younger version of herself and Jenny. Teenage Abbie explains that Moloch removed part of their memory and locked them away in Purgatory. What else did Jenny and Abbie see?

Katrina tells Ichabod that the binding spell isn’t working because there is nothing beneath the surface. Henry steps forward asserting, “It’s here. I assure you.” Then the tone totally shifts. Henry and Ichabod discuss the etymology of the word “apocalypse,” which means to disclose or reveal. Henry declares that time has come.

Henry shockingly binds Ichabod and Katrina onto two of the white trees with magic. Wait. What?! Henry? No!!!

Henry puts the pieces together for them. He gave them all faith when they needed it and they were blinded by that faith. Henry recalls all the hints dropped along the way. (Nicely shown throw flashbacks.) Henry is right. He practically gave us the answer every step of the way, but we were too blind to see it. We trusted Henry as the kind, troubled sin-eater who broke out of his shell to help Abbie and Ichabod.

Katrina flat out asks who Henry is. He taunts them some more, basking in their ignorance. The binding spell didn’t work because nothing is there to be bound. The second horseman is already out.

Abbie’s memory is unlocked and she sees Moloch pull hairy Henry out of the ground that day. The lens craftily takes us through Henry’s eye and brings us back to the woods where Katrina realizes that Henry is War. Katrina thinks he was human, just like Abraham was before becoming the horseman. But Henry begs to differ.

Now for the literally jaw-dropping twist:

Henry says, “I am what you made me…mother…and father.”

Holy S—t!!! Henry is not only War, he’s Jeremy!

Pick your jaws up off of the floor and pay attention to this next part because it explains why Jeremy is psycho evil and turned on his loving parents.

After Katrina’s coven killed Jeremy, his blood somehow brought him back to life, just like it gave his Golem life. Jeremy allowed Ichabod to kill his beloved Golem, it was a sacrifice Jeremy made for the greater good, to achieve his end game. Although tears stream down her face, Katrina is still kind of impressed that he survived the death hex. But it is nothing to be grateful for. Jeremy argues that death would’ve been better than the suffering he endured.

For 200 years he withered away in a coffin, surviving on vines, calling out for his parents. Until he heard Moloch’s bellowing voice: “Come and see.” Jeremy regards Moloch as his true father.

For shame!

I really like the contrast here. Katrina silently weeps, while Ichabod grows increasingly livid. He poured his soul out to Jeremy as he bid farewell to the Golem who served as a father-figure to his abandoned son. Now, he has to sit by and hear Jeremy praise a demon for becoming his surrogate father. Tom Mison plays it like a straight up Shakespearian tragedy. Angrily scolding (and spewing at) Jeremy in defense of their unintended absence as parents.

Ichabod assures Jeremy that Moloch is not his father, he is a “prince of lies.” But Jeremy doesn’t care because Moloch rescued him and pulled him out of that hell hole 13 years ago. God sent a Witness (Abbie) to try and stop him, but she was too weak. Jeremy boasts that they defeated her then and they will defeat her now.

Cut to Abbie who is locked in the dollhouse. There is no way out. Teenage Abbie says, this is her new home. Seriously?! Abbie is stuck in a fricken dollhouse! (Sure it’s adorable, but NO!) This is all kinds of crazy. There has to be a way out. Another mystery left for Season 2. Stop messing with me, ‘Sleepy Hollow.’ I can’t take much more of this.

Ichabod is baffled by how Jeremy invented his new identity, including his name. But Jeremy says the name was given by God’s grace. The church where Katrina abandoned Jeremy as a child is the first place he came across when he resurfaced in Sleepy Hollow. That church was called St. Henry’s Parish. (Oh that’s good.) Jeremy took the name to spite God.

Ichabod and Katrina plead with Jeremy, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He doesn’t care that Katrina suffered in Purgatory for 200 years or that Ichabod was dead and unaware of his existence. Their words are meaningless. Now that the two Witnesses are separated, Jeremy can break the second seal and fulfill a promise he made to Death.

The Headless Horseman rides up, gives Jeremy the seal and whisks Katrina away. Jeremy then straps Ichabod in a pine box. He cruelly says, “Now you will know what it’s like to lose faith. When it is gone you have nothing. When you have nothing, there is nothing holding you back from what you are capable of.”

He breaks the second seal and a magnificent shot transposes the Horseman of War over Jeremy and then switches back. Jeremy callously looks down on Crane in the grave victoriously stating, “War isn’t coming to Sleepy Hollow. It has been here all along. Now it begins. Goodbye father.”

Oh! That’s cold.

Jeremy buries Ichabod alive in a coffin and Crane hauntingly screams for dear life.

The season ends as it began with the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil” playing over the final title card. Giving us all chills once again.

This is one of the best season finales of all time. It captured everything. We laughed, cried, sat on the edge of our seats, gasped in utter shock and then screamed at the TV for leaving us hanging like this.

To quote Ron Burgundy, “I’m in a glass case of emotion!!!”


  • Faith: I’m going to start by focusing on the positive. Aside from all the crazy back-stabbing betrayals and epic reveals, one thing remained present: FAITH. Abbie and Jenny promise to have faith in each other. The last thing Ichabod says to Abbie is “Faith.” Jeremy used faith to play them and now he uses it to punish Ichabod. Crane will give Jeremy exactly what he wants if he chooses to lose faith. Faith in God, his friends, the power of Good, etc. So over the course of this hellish hiatus, I suggest we do as Ichabod should and keep the faith. There will be a way out. The characters we have grown to care will be saved. Evil shall be vanquished. When darkness threatens to destroy all that is good, one must cling to faith, hope and love. Fortunately, Katrina, Ichabod, Abbie and Jenny find those virtues in one another.
  • The long con: John Noble tells Give Me My Remotethat he knew his character’s whole story when he signed on to play Henry/Jeremy. He created a nuanced portrayal and developed his character accordingly. I think we can all agree that Noble nailed it.
  • What’s next?: In interviews with Entertainment Weeklyand Give Me My Remote, executive producer Mark Goffman explains how they planned this ‘Usual Suspects’-style twist from the very start. It was part of their original pitch to the network. They also tease the theme for Season 2. War will not be about bombs and mass bloodshed, it will be much more person al and intricate. People will turn on each other. He also hopes to bring new characters into Sleepy Hollow to help fill out the town a bit. Unfortunately, he does not guarantee anyone’s survival, although he hopes Jenny makes it out of that devastating car crash. He also says that people will need to work quickly to get out of their personal imprisonments and rescue each other. Abbie can’t stay in Purgatory for too long, not can Crane toil away in a coffin. (Click on the links above to read the enlightening interviews.)
  • Having a laugh: Despite the gut-wrenching drama, there were a lot of fun moments. Everything regarding Crane using a cell phone was awesome. Finding a supply of 18th century clothing is a huge perk (based on one of the aforementioned articles, they cut a scene showing just how much clothing Ichabod excitedly purchased that day). He hilariously expresses his dismay for hipsters who wear vintage clothing ironically (Don’t mess with Crane’s coat.). Ichabod is even speaking in modern lingo by remarking on how “cool” it is to have a witch for a wife. And let us not forget the fist-bump! Wow. Ichabod Crane has come a very long way since the pilot. It was great to see an accumulation of everything he’s learned throughout the season. He definitely demonstrated his progress. The writers made a sweet move by incorporating all of those little call-backs in the finale.
  • Incredible writing and production value: As always, kudos to everyone behind the scenes. The finale was breathtakingly filmed. The camera angles used to have Jeremy staring down at us in the final scene, the action sequences, the set designs, special effects, etc. This truly felt like a full-blown movie. The whole series was so well written. As Goffman said in the above interviews, everything Henry/Jeremy says has double meaning. Now we get to go back and re-watch all the episodes while looking for all the clues they gave us along the way. I can’t wait for the DVDs!
  • Brilliant performances: Another round of applause for Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, John Noble and Lyndie Greenwood. ‘Sleepy Hollow’ would not have been as successful if the cast didn’t keep it real. They deliver raw, honest, moving performances in every episode. This cast sucked us into this crazy world and now we can’t let go.

There you have it Sleepy Heads. Apologies for the exuberant length of this recap, but there was a lot to digest.

What did you think of the finale? How do you feel about the twist? Did you have your suspicions? Were you utterly shocked? What were your favorite moments? What do you hope for Season 2?

Share your exclamations, sobs, curses and all other thoughts in the comments below!

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