‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 5 recap: Find out what happens ‘When You Wish Upon A Star’

S1 Ep 5
Raphael Sbarge stars as Archie Hopper. (Photo credit: Kharen Hill/ABC)

Last night’s heart-warming and suspenseful episode explored Jiminy Cricket’s journey as he struggled to free himself from intimidating oppressors and fought to follow the purely well-intentioned voice within.

Fairytale Land: “What would you like to be?”

This week we discover that Jiminy was not always a cricket, although he was very fond of them. He was a sweet boy who was forced to participate in his malicious parents’ cons while putting on puppet shows in a traveling caravan. As Jiminy grew older, he continued to disapprove of their actions, but was bound to them by guilt. One day he picked up some elf tonic from Rumplestiltskin for another one of his parents’ scams and during their exchange Rumpy suggested that Jiminy should use the tonic on his parents so he can finally break free.

Jiminy hesitated to betray his parents and begged them to stop, but they dismissed his desires. After they coaxed an innocent couple into buying their elf tonic for faux protection, Jiminy poured the potion onto his parents, but it did not work. His parents had switched the vials, so the poor couple transformed into creepy puppets instead. Moments later a young boy rushed home to this horrific sight and Jiminy recognized him as the kind child he had once met after his puppet show, a boy so pure-hearted that he generously gave Jiminy his umbrella for shelter while he ran home in the rain.

That night Jiminy wished upon a star that the boy’s parents could come back to life and he was approached by the Blue Fairy. She can’t bring them back, but she can free Jiminy from his parents and he can spend the rest of his life helping the little boy. She transformed Jiminy into the cricket he always longed to be and for the first time in his life he felt free. And to top off the tear-jerking moment, we learn that the boy in Jiminy’s “mission” is Geppetto (sigh).

Storybrooke: “Listen to the voice inside of you.”

Back in the “real world” a sinkhole suddenly bursts while Sheriff Graham deputizes Emma and the town rushes to the site. Henry rallies “Operation Cobra,” telling Dr. Hopper and Emma that the sinkhole is connected to the fairytale realm; the more Emma settles into town, the more things begin to change. Regina disbands their meeting; she sends Henry home and then threatens to destroy Dr. Hopper’s life if he doesn’t stop entertaining Henry’s fantasy.

That afternoon, Dr. Hopper ignores his conscience and breaks Henry heart by calling his beliefs as “psychosis,” so Henry sets out to explore the sinkhole and prove his theory to be true. After Emma lashes out at Dr. Hopper for his heartless actions, Regina calls her and they all realize Henry has run off.

Dr. Hopper runs down into the ruins to save Henry, while Emma and the others figure out what to do from above. Trapped in the dark corners of the mineshaft, Dr. Hopper finally reaches enlightenment with Henry’s encouragement. Henry explains how it took Jiminy Cricket a long time to figure out the right thing to do. Dr. Hopper again asks him why the fairytale has to be true and Henry simply replies, “Because this can’t be all there is.” Dr. Hopper admits he knows he can be a better man and he just has to listen harder to his conscience.

Moments later, Emma comes to their rescue and Dr. Hopper is literally saved by his umbrella as he hooks it onto her harness before the ground gives away beneath him. He marches over to Regina, telling her, “Do your worst because I will always do my best.” In one of the series most gratifying moments, Dr. Hopper threatens Regina explaining how her custody of Henry is in his hands and if she threatens him again he will take it away. Cue the chirping crickets and a cliffhanging shot of the mysterious glass embedded in the bottom of the shaft to leave wanting so much more.

What’s in store for David and Mary?

This week’s other storyline revealed how David and Mary have been spending more time together. Although he is married, he doesn’t remember his past with Kathryn. He tells Mary that none of it feels real, except for her. Nonetheless, David is a married man and she cannot act on her desires, so she resigns from the hospital.

Next week, David will be forced to choose between Kathryn and Mary. No matter how hard Regina tries to keep them apart, David will surely follow his heart and be with Mary. We will also learn more about Prince Charming’s history and what role he played in the fairytale realm. Watch the preview for a glimpse of what’s to come.

What did you think of “That Still Small Voice”? Did it tug at your heart-strings? Were you surprised by Jiminy Cricket’s origin story? Share your thoughts below!

Raphael Sbarge live-tweeted during both the East & West Coast airings last night, so check out what he has to say HERE.


  • Love how they played up the importance of Jiminy Cricket’s umbrella.
  • “What can be strong enough to drown out your own conscience?” Emma to Dr. Hopper
  • Dr. Hopper’s Dalmatian is named Pongo, from 101 Dalmatians.
  • Geppetto and Jiminy’s friendship remains strong despite the curse.
  • David and Kathryn have a dog named Ajax – remember hearing that name before from the fairytale half of “Snow Falls”?
  • Any guesses on what the pieces of glass belong to: The Magic Mirror or Snow White’s glass coffin?
  • How creepy were the puppets? Mr. Gold still has them in his shop – Ew!

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