‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 3 recap: OUAT continues to captivate audiences in “Snow Falls”

S1 Ep 3
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In the third episode of ABC’s hit series, we finally learn how Snow White and Prince Charming first meet, and their encounter delightfully strays from your typical fairytale love story.

Fairytale: “I will always find you.”

Far from a pampered princess, Snow White is a wanted woman who has been hiding out in the woods and fending for herself. She steals a bag of jewels from Prince Charming’s carriage and sells them to trolls; she is saving enough money to runaway to another realm, where she can live alone in peace. Those plans are altered when Charming tracks her down and sparks start to fly.

Prince Charming needs his mother’s ring from the bag she stole before his upcoming wedding/merger with a demanding princess, so he and Snow White go to see the trolls. Along their adventure, we learn that the Evil Queen wants Snow White dead for “murder, treason, and treachery.” The Queen even sent her top Huntsman to cut out Snow’s heart, but he took pity on her and let her go. Snow White admits she ruined the Queen’s life, but how she did so still remains a mystery. Moments later, Snow White tries to run away from the prince, only to get captured by the Queen’s men.

In a wonderfully sweeping action sequence, Charming proves to be a skilled fighter as he wields daggers, swords, and arrows at the men in black, enabling Snow to escape. When she is surprised by his valiant rescue, he simply says, “It was the honorable thing to do.” She later returns the favor when negotiations with trolls get out of hand. Before they can kill the prince, Snow uses the ultimate weapon she had been saving for the Queen and tosses her fairy dust on the trolls. It turns them into crushable cockroaches, allowing Snow White and Prince Charming to get away.

As they stand by the road hesitating to part ways, the prince finally reveals his name is James, but she still prefers calling him “charming” and playfully tries on his mother’s ring. In that moment their eyes express what is in their hearts. Before leaving, Prince James reassures her, “If you need anything,” Snow teasingly cuts him off saying, “You’ll find me,” to which he earnestly replies, “Always.”

Storybrooke: “He needs to find you.”

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Mary reads the fairytale to John Doe and as she speaks of the true love they shared, he reaches out and grabs her hand. When Mary tells Dr. Whale what happened, he shrugs it off as a fluke, but immediately calls Regina to tell her about the change in his condition. Judging by the look on her face, it is clear that Regina knows exactly who everybody used to be and she is deliberately trying to keep Mary and John apart.

The next morning, Mary, Emma, and Henry go to see John at the hospital only to discover that he woke up and walked out of the hospital after Mary left. The Sheriff and Regina are already on the scene; the mayor is John’s emergency contact and claims she found him lying on the side of the road a few years ago. Before she takes Henry home, he tells Mary and Emma to go to the woods; he is convinced John wandered into the forest to find his true love.

The Sheriff, Mary, Emma and a disobedient Henry find John Doe lying in the creek by the toll bridge (aka Troll Bridge). Mary performs CPR and when she kisses/gives him mouth-to-mouth, John awakes.

Back at the hospital we learn John Doe’s name is David Nolan and he has a wife named Catherine (his fiancée from fairytale land). A few years ago their marriage was falling apart and she let him leave, now Regina has found her and she is back to reconcile with her husband. Emma registers the happiness in Regina’s eyes as she sees Mary’s disappointment and confronts the mayor on the coincidental convenience of Catherine’s arrival. Regina can try to keep them apart, but Henry reassures Mary that she and John are meant to be.

Awesome episode! It answered a few questions, but raised many more and dropped some hints on what is to come.

Could the kind Sheriff be the Queen’s Huntsman? He works for Regina, yet has a soft spot for Emma and Henry.

What did Snow White do to the Evil Queen?


  • More amazing transitions: i.e. the shot of Prince Charming/John Doe’s scar; the ring Snow tries on and Mary wears today
  • Shout out to a couple dwarfs: Leroy and Walter in hospital security are Grumpy & Sleepy
  • Snow White and Prince Charming’s relationship has a great modern spin on the role each plays – they save each other – so sweet!
  • “If true love was easy, we’d all have it” – Mary after her disappointing date with the slimy Dr. Whale
  • “Not having someone, that’s the worst curse imaginable.” – Regina to Emma after their confrontation

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