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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 3 finale recap: If I could turn back time

Sunday night’s (May 11) Season 3 finale was ridiculously good. It is arguably the best ‘Once Upon A Time’ finale so far in the series. “Snow Drifts” and “There Is No Place Like Home” delightfully exceeded my expectations because time-travel episodes can be hard to pull-off. I enjoyed […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S3 Ep 20 recap: Rumple’s revenge and Regina’s redemption

Once again, Sunday’s (May 4) ‘Once Upon A Time’ delivered a loaded episode full of life-changing moments and epic showdowns. Flashbacks to Oz show how Zelena has always been an irrepressibly and wickedly envious witch. In present day Storybrooke, we see how Zelena’s inability to change results in […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S3 Ep 18 recap: Who let the ghost out?

I’m not going to lie, Oncers. Sunday’s “Bleeding Through” was a strange episode. Banshee Cora downloads her memories into Mary Margaret, Rumple tries seducing his way out of Zelena’s wicked clutches, Regina finally follows her heart, and Hook distressingly carries the weight of the world on his leather-clad […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S3 Ep 16 recap: The green-eyed monster

Well, Oncers, now we know why Zelena is Storybrooke’s resident nut-job nemesis. Sunday’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green” revealed Zelena’s troubled past. We already know she felt slighted by Rumple when he chose to mentor Regina instead, but now we get a better understanding of why she obsessively […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S3 Winter finale recap: It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday

Have you dried your tears yet, Oncers? ‘Once Upon A Time’ served up a gut-wrenching winter finale. In “Going Home,” we finally witnessed the ultimate showdown between Peter Pan and Rumple. Although it was epic, it definitely did not turn out the way we hoped. As if that […]

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