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‘Saving Hope’ S3 Ep 4 recap: The Path to Enlightenment

The path to enlightenment is paved with LSD and emotional amnesia. Thursday’s “Saving Hope” revealed two heartbreaking epiphanies. In “Stand By Me,” a couple of Hope Zion’s finest choose to stand alone. During an accidental acid trip, Gavin realizes that he needs to move on and leave Hope […]

‘Saving Hope’ S3 Ep 3 recap: It’s all coming back to me now

The roller coaster ride continues, Hopefuls. After two heart-pounding episodes that left us hanging, we are presented with an annoying, yet expected enigma. In “Awakenings,” Alex struggles to heal physically, emotionally, and psychologically as she deals with the aftermath of her shocking attack and strenuous heart surgery. Charlie […]

‘Saving Hope’ S3 premiere recap: Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Wow! “Saving Hope” returned with an exceptional premiere on Monday (Sept. 22) night. “Heaven Can Wait” delivered on all fronts. This episode met our expectations and then some. The acting was excellent, the writing was riveting, and the new central storyline for Season 3 is off to a […]

‘Saving Hope’ Season 3 spoilers: Haunting, heartbreak, and healing

Get excited Hopefuls! New episodes of “Saving Hope” are nearly here and now we have some juicy details on the gripping two-night premiere (airing Monday Sept. 22 and Thursday Sept. 25 at 9 p.m.), which kicks-off a special six-episode Fall Event Season. After a break, “Saving Hope” will […]

‘Saving Hope’ returns this fall and shakes things up in Season 3

Are you still haunted by Season 2’s mind-blowing cliffhanger? Did you think you would barely make it through spring, eagerly waiting for ‘Saving Hope’s’ summer premiere? Well don’t hold your breath, Hopefuls. It looks like we are joining Alex in limbo as we wait to see what happens next. […]

‘Saving Hope’ S2 Ep 17 recap: Love and loss

I’m pleasantly surprised, Hopefuls. Despite being 100% supernatural free, Thursday’s ‘Saving Hope’ was one of this season’s better episodes. “Twinned Lambs” served up a lot of huge moments, some of which were drastically life-changing. Although the cases differed, they all shared something in common: relationships. Whether it is […]

‘Saving Hope’ S2 Ep 15 recap: Grin and bear it

As we know, ‘Saving Hope’ can be full of surprises and Thursday night’s (Feb. 6) “Don’t Poke the Bear” provided us with a couple. For starters, we gain interesting insight on Alex’s vulnerability. We’ve seen how brave and quick-thinking this surgeon can be, but she isn’t completely fearless. […]

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