‘Timeless’ Exclusive: What’s next for Lucy, Wyatt and Flynn in Season 3?

Get excited Clockblockers! I have saved some of the juiciest scoop from my interview with Shawn Ryan for last.

Fans are greatly invested in the complex relationships developing between Lucy, Wyatt, and Flynn. As you’ll find out, the showrunners and writers are a lot like us. They even analyze these relationships from a fan’s perspective.

In our enlightening conversation, Ryan shares his feelings on Lucy’s fluctuating relationships with Wyatt and Flynn. We dig deep and honestly discuss where things stand for our beloved historian, misguided soldier, and reformed time bandit.

If you have been following me from the start, then you know that I remain impartial when it comes to ships. I don’t hate on Lyatt or Garcy. I’m a fan of both relationships for different reasons. I also believe ships can co-exist because they aren’t simply about romance. For example, Flufus counts as a ship and I’m so on board. Basically, I’m game for whatever serves the storyline or character best. I’m not here to start or contribute to any shipper wars. Just want to clarify that, so you all know where I’m coming from as you continue reading.

Flynn wink

Since people have asked, here’s where I stand: I love Flynn. I’ve forgiven his wrongs in Season 1 and he continued growing on me throughout the course of Season 2. I was so excited for Lyatt at the start of the season. Unfortunately, now I’m mad at Wyatt. I have been critical of his actions since “The Salem Witch Hunt” and I am disappointed in him. Many fans are very upset with the way he treated our girl, Lucy. Ultimately, I feel that no matter which ship you’re cheering for, we all have one thing in common: We Love Lucy!


We all want what is best for Lucy. She has been through an emotional whirlwind. She finally gave into her feelings for Wyatt. She was happy and in love. Although he didn’t say the words when he should have, we all knew they both loved each other. Then Rittenhouse rose Jessica from the dead, threw Wyatt for a loop and he ended up breaking Lucy’s heart. I know he was in a crappy position, but he handled it all very poorly. He made a series of bad moves and consistently put Lucy in a tough spot.



Wyatt kept enraging fans because he never made a choice. He just lingered between women. He acted as a loyal husband to Jessica while actively pining after Lucy. He only admitted his true feelings to Lucy after Jessica was clearly out of the picture. Seriously? Come on, man!


That’s probably why many fans felt relieved every time Flynn called Wyatt out on his BS. Personally, I loved it! Every shady expression Flynn shot at Wyatt slapped a smile on my face.

Goodbye to your wife

Sometimes someone who is lost needs to be shaken a bit. Flynn enjoyed rattling Wyatt like he was fixing a stiff martini.

This season, Flynn became Lucy’s advocate, protector, and confidant of sorts. He had her back when Wyatt was distracted. The team needed a soldier and Flynn stepped up. Judging by his actions, Flynn seems to put Lucy first. They share the same mission of saving their loved ones and he clearly wants to achieve that goal with Lucy by his side. His priorities are on track now that he knows he can work toward taking down Rittenhouse with the Time Team.


Wyatt lost sight of the mission. He stopped thinking like a soldier when he chose to hide his suspicions about Jessica. He should not have kept secrets from the team. His secrecy and decision to view Jessica through rose-colored glasses didn’t only break Lucy’s heart, it hurt Rufus too.

Timeless - Season 2

One of the most satisfying moments this season was when Rufus confronted Wyatt on being so self-absorbed after Jessica kidnapped Jiya. No matter how much you love Wyatt, you have to admit that he messed up big time this season. He needs to work hard to regain his team’s love and respect.

I think you are going to like Ryan’s take on their relationships. To be honest, it is incredibly validating to hear him express the same frustration towards Wyatt and offer more insight into Flynn’s feelings for Lucy. Hopefully, the aforementioned commentary will give you a better idea of where I’m coming from when you read my exclamatory interjections and reactions below.


Is there anything that you want to say about the relationships between Wyatt, Lucy, and Flynn? It is a very interesting dynamic and it isn’t always romantically spun. 

It’s interesting. You want little messes. I’m not immune to see how many fans want closure on Wyatt and Lucy. Although I’m not sure how interesting that would be in the long term. […] I think that there’s a lot of things to still figure out.

We put Wyatt in a pretty impossible situation. Having fallen for Lucy, but then having his wife come back. But it wasn’t really his wife. Turns out she was something different. We put him in the impossible position where there is no way for somebody not to get hurt in that. He didn’t always make, what I would deem to be, the right decisions in all that. He was kind of fumbling his way through. I think he did some damage to Lucy in all of this.

Timeless - Season 2


Now, he came around by the end and said the thing so many fans wanted him to say, but in a way, was it too late?


Or is it the first step in sort of winning her back. He said, “You don’t have to say it.” And she didn’t.


So what are her feelings in that regard? Lucy, in my mind, was incredibly patient and understanding with him as he went through all this. But at her own expense.


So I think that there’s damage that has to be repaired in all that. To me, that’s more interesting storytelling and more real and more human than just getting together and playing the happy husband and wife.

Having said that, it’s interesting – I have my own opinions and audience members have their own opinions – It’s interesting that when the second Lifeboat comes back, in the end, Lucy and Wyatt are there, seemingly standing shoulder to shoulder with each other. What does that portend for the future? These are things that we will all have to sort out in the writers’ room in Season 3 and beyond.


Right. And Flynn has sort of been Lucy’s confidant and protector. 

Flynn is on the opposite side of the Wyatt coin. He’s someone who, I think, actually understands Lucy on a deeper level. Now, some of it is a cheat because he has her journal and innermost thoughts at his fingertips that he used to memorize. But think about how if you were able to read the inner thoughts of someone, the kind of connection you’d feel for that person. Whether they feel that connection or not.

I think without a doubt Flynn feels a very personal connection with Lucy. Especially after spending months sitting in solitary prison, having lost his wife and daughter. I think Lucy is the person he’s closest to in the world. The reverse might not be true, but I think Flynn feels that.


Now, whether that takes a romantic connotation or whether that’s just a deep friendship or a work relationship if you view finding Rittenhouse as a job. I think these things are all open for debate. But it was very important to us that we use a lot of Season 2 to build a very strong personal connection between Flynn and Lucy. What route that takes in the future is something to be seen.

Sometimes people can just break down these sort of triangles and these relationships as a “will they or won’t they sleep with each other,” but I think it goes far beyond that. It goes to what human connections do you make with people. Whether they’re romantic or not.

Yeah. They are very sophisticated and nuanced relationships. The actors have done a phenomenal job. Clockblockers appreciate it too. When we watch it, we feel torn too because you see a genuine connection on both sides. You feel for Lucy and you feel for both guys. 

Right. Well, there are times when Wyatt isn’t necessarily treating Lucy the way that he might otherwise. There’s a comparison there. I think Wyatt has come to his senses, but after how much damage has been done?

Yeah. And Flynn would take jabs at Wyatt whenever he could, kind of protecting and defending Lucy at the same time. 


Will we see the journal hand-off between Lucy and Flynn in Season 3 or beyond?  

I don’t know. We certainly could if we want to. The reason why I’m reluctant isn’t because I’m being super secretive…I’m aware of how much can change in the writers’ room.

Over a year ago, Eric and I went and pitched to NBC. We ended up using some good parts of it and a lot of the things we changed. For instance, the whole sleeper agent concept of the show was not something that Eric and I pitched last year. That was something that came out of our time in the writers’ room.

Did you see that coming

I really love that too! I love the dynamic of this season, where each week there would be someone different and each sleeper agent had a different story. So they all aren’t coming from Rittenhouse families. Some are brain-washed, some are blackmailed… 

Yes. That all came in the course of the writers’ room.

That’s one of the great but challenging things working in TV. The art itself is constantly evolving. You’re not reading a complete book or seeing a completed movie. A TV show is a living organism that is constantly moving and changing. What it is now might be a little different next year or in Season 5.

That’s part of the job of Eric and myself and Arika Mittman and Tom Smuts, who share co-show-running responsibilities with us this year because Eric and I were both super busy. The four of us guided this season and we’ll have to do the same in Season 3.

As Ryan said, Season 3 is still a work in progress. The writers are brain-storming away! They are also raising fans’ spirits by motivating us to keep the faith with encouraging posts and the cast commentary makes us even happier…

We all know there are many more stories to tell. What are you dying to see most in Season 3? How do you feel about Ryan’s comments and insights on Lucy, Wyatt, and Flynn? Do you share his opinions? Are you surprised by any of his answers? Do you think it will take the team a long time to look at Wyatt the same way again?

Share your thoughts below and keep up the great work! Hopefully, we will all hear the good news soon. Until then, Flynn it up on NBC.


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  1. I think Wyatt and Lucy need to end up together! They’ve been through so much together and they have a bond. Flynn and Lucy also do but I think in the end all of them could be best friends! Flynn and his wife or other woman, Wyatt and Lucy, Rufus and Jiya! I think if we saw each couple, and Connor and Agent Christopher all at a barbecue or something with their kids or something like that it would really tie up lose ends. Happily Ever After for everyone, and showing that Rittenhouse is gone and they can just move on with their lives.

  2. I loved every point made in this article. Our thoughts are in sync for sure! I cannot wait to see what happens next! Please #NBC.#RenewTimeless!!!!!!!☺

  3. Very good points on both relationships! Wyatt has messed up and now he has to work to get Lucys love back. One thing I would like to see adressed is his jealousy issue. He had it with Jessica and he had it with Lucy. I would like him to be cool with a Lucy-Flynn friendship before Lucy gives him another chance. Or maybe not cool, but at least hey I don’t like it but I trust your judgement? As for Lucy and Flynn, I would like to see the relationship deepen. I really would like to see Flynn giving Lucy a big hug. That girls needs to be hugged by a tall, handsome guy who cares for her! And I like to see, how different their relationship is from the Lucy-Wyatt relationship. Lucy is a history geek, Flynn is a bookworm, who is also into history. Flynn mentioned how he did some analysing and code breaking to get the Rittenhouse information. He’s not just a soldier, but also very smart and sophisticated. That must be something Lucy finds interisting and it’s something they can connect on. Should they get romaticaly involved ? I could imagine a kiss happening one day and anything else would be okay for me as long as it fits into the story and stays true to the characters.

  4. OMG! You totally got me looking deeper. I completely overlooked the talk with Rufus. You’re definitely right about that. Wyatt finally understood how much damage he’s done when Rufus called him out. I thought Lucy was the one who made him see that, but now I see that it’s Rufus. Wyatt messed up this season, for sure, but I don’t think he’s past redemption. He’s got a long road, because Lucy was hurt by his actions more than anyone, and lost her trust in him. In the meantime, Flynn has slowly been gaining her trust. The dynamic is so interesting, and I’m interested to see where it all goes.

  5. I would like to say that again in my tweets on Twitter to repeat here. Wyatt DID make mistakes I agree. He could have made up his own mind and decided to end things with Jess and went back to Lucy. But she played a HUGE roll in this. It was the noble and probably only thing to do telling and actually at times I feel she pushed Wyatt to Jess! Not being sure and by his own words intimidated of Lucy he was taking her orders. I feel mainly Rittenhouse is at blame here of course but the fallout was not solely on Wyatt. Wondering what he would have done had Lucy been straight with him before 2.07? Maybe his actions would have been different. Just my opinion 😊

  6. I like what was said by you both regarding Flynn, Lucy, and Wyatt. I am all for Wyatt redemption but also I feel he needs his wife and child back. Regardless of who Jessica is now, she still loves him. The Flynn and Lucy dynamic is stellar! A depth there that I don’t see in Lyatt. Just hope we get the chance to explore more with S3!

    • I respectfully disagree with the part of Jess really loving Wyatt. If she thinks she is that is not the way you love someone by ruining their life and also holding a gun on him 2 times! Saying I love you while holding a gun on that person I don’t see that as love. Also we know she is a liar so until there is baby proof I think she is lying about being pregnant too so Wyatt will continue to protect her from the time team like Flynn killing her.

      • I may have said this on Twitter already, but I don’t believe Jessica. She’s probably just messing with Wyatt’s head in hopes of crippling the Time Team.

  7. I agree that Wyatt did damage to his relationship and he admits that. I think it made for a much better season instead of them being happily together in the bunker. Now he needs to repair that relationship all the while seeing Lucy’s friendship with Flynn develop. I hope we see both sides.

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