Month: March 2016

‘Once Upon A Time’ S5 mid-season finale recap: A hero’s death

Season 5’s mid-season finale, “Swan Song,” digs deeper into a secret and shameful part of Hook’s past that Regina has been privy to. For a Disney show about fairytales, “Once Upon A Time” has never shied away from exposing the exceedingly grim side to these fanciful fictions. As […]

‘Sleepy Hollow’ S3 Ep 12 recap: Papa don’t preach

“Sleepy Hollow” delivered some answers and then left us hanging with a disturbing image of Abbie in a troubling, grim and ever-so slightly unconventional episode. We’ve grown accustomed to Crane’s delightful flashbacks, so it was a little surprising to see someone else’s past experiences offer insights on Team […]

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