Month: September 2015

‘Once Upon A Time’ S5 premiere recap: The only way to stop is to be stopped

Woohoo, Oncers! “Once Upon A Time” Season 5 is off to another epic start with “The Dark Swan.” We get a delightful dose of nostalgia mixed with some chills and thrills as the stage is set for our heroes’ latest adventure. King Arthur, Merida and Merlin each make an […]

‘Saving Hope’ Season 4 preview: What’s next for the doctors of Hope Zion?

Although several months have passed, some fans are still trying to recover from the shocking events in “Saving Hope’s” explosive Season 3 finale, “All the Pretty Horses.” The episode captured the full circle of life, juxtaposing a mind-blowing death with a heartwarming birth (relive the episode with a […]

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