Month: June 2014

‘Sleepy Hollow’ scoop: Sleepy Heads hit the books with ‘Sleepy Reads’

Can’t get enough of ‘Sleepy Hollow’? Well you’re in luck, Sleepy Heads! We will get to experience our favorite new supernatural drama on a plethora of literary platforms. Brace yourselves for “Sleepy Reads.” What a “novel” idea There are two types of literature in the works to accompany FOX’s hit […]

‘Saving Hope’ returns this fall and shakes things up in Season 3

Are you still haunted by Season 2’s mind-blowing cliffhanger? Did you think you would barely make it through spring, eagerly waiting for ‘Saving Hope’s’ summer premiere? Well don’t hold your breath, Hopefuls. It looks like we are joining Alex in limbo as we wait to see what happens next. […]

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