Month: October 2013

‘Once Upon A Time’ S3 Ep 4 recap: Pandemonium

Have you recovered from Sunday night’s “Nasty Habits”? This episode was very illuminating, heartbreaking and upsetting in many ways. Rumple had an interesting and longer-than-expected past with Peter Pan, which explains the fear and hatred poor Rumpy always felt for the original lost boy. Neal adds salt to […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S3 Ep 3 recap: It’s not easy being Green

Sunday night’s “Quite the Common Fairy” was full of surprises. We get a whole new take on Tinker Bell’s tale, discover Regina’s shocking soul-mate (twist!) and learn why Henry is so important to Peter Pan. Buckle up Oncers because we’re in for a wild ride. Fairytale Land flashback: “Rage is all […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S3 Ep 2 recap: Lost and found

“Lost Girl” thankfully made up for what was lacking in last Sunday’s season three premiere. This heart-felt episode favored character development over CGI action sequences, which gives viewers a much greater pay-off. ‘Once Upon A Time’s’ second installment artfully parallels two stories of self-discovery. In the Fairytale past, […]

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