Month: March 2013

‘Once Upon A Time’ S2 Ep 18 recap: The road to redemption is paved with wood

Last night’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ may have taken a dip in ratings, but it definitely delivered a powerful punch with August’s jaw-dropping return and the arrival of Storybrooke’s latest threat. “Selfless, Brave and True” satisfied our curiosity about Pinocchio by showing us August’s harrowing journey of redemption. […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S2 Ep 15 recap: Mama said there’d be days like this

Sunday’s “The Queen Is Dead” was probably one of the most upsetting episodes of the series. Snow White has overcome grave injustices due to Cora’s sickening and severely selfish desire for unlimited power. Clearly, Cora will stop at nothing to get everything she wants and she is more […]

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