Month: October 2012

‘Once Upon A Time’ S2 Ep 4 recap: Have a heart and give Rumple a hand

Sunday night’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ delivered its best episode of the second season with an action-packed, illuminating and immensely captivating hour of television. “The Crocodile” truly lived up to the hype and Oncers have found a new and well-deserved fan favorite in Colin O’Donoghue’s cool and charming Captain Hook. […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S2 Ep 2 recap: It takes two

Sunday night’s “We Are Both” provided a surprising follow-up to last week’s premier, which left Emma and Snow White stranded in post-curse Fairytale Land. One would think the second episode would begin by picking up where we left off with the mother and daughter duo facing an unwelcoming Mulan and […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S2 premiere recap: While you were sleeping

“Broken” delivered one invigorating roller coaster ride full of heartwarming reunions, carefully plotted acts of revenge, mind-blowing revelations, and the promise of more great adventures. The second season premiere exemplifies a skill that ‘Once Upon A Time’ mastered last season when each episode would gracefully weave back-and-forth between […]

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