Month: March 2012

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 17 recap: Do you believe in magic?

This week’s “Hat Trick” took us on a trip down the hat-hole and through the looking glass, which revealed the surprising life Jefferson led before he grew “mad” in Wonderland. Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Emma’s bewildering experience as Jefferson’s hostage eventually opens her mind to the possibility that Henry’s […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 16 recap: What becomes of the broken hearted?

Last night’s incredible “Heart of Darkness” exceeded all expectations by beautifully interweaving Fairytale Land’s stories of True Love overcoming heartbreak and darkness with Storybrooke’s saga of Regina’s brutal revenge and David’s bitter betrayal. This episode also draws fascinating parallels as it emphasizes this season’s mantra, “Evil is made, […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 15 recap: She’s hungry like a wolf

This week’s “Red-Handed” gave us insight into Ruby’s fairytale past as Red Riding Hood in Fairytale Land and surprised us with a major twist in the classic tale. Meanwhile in Stroybrooke, Ruby was essential in making a major breakthrough in the case of Kathryn’s disappearance, which unfortunately resulted in the […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 14 recap: It was just a dream

Sunday night’s whimsically touching episode provided us with an origin story for dwarfs, gave us insight into Grumpy’s heartbreaking history, and jump started the investigation of Kathryn’s disappearance. Fairytale Land: “You can do anything as long as you dream it.” Pink Fairy-Godmother hopeful, Nova (Amy Acker), and the […]

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