Month: January 2012

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 11 recap: The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Over 10 million viewers tuned in to this week’s episode, “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree,” to discover the Magic Mirror’s origins and see where Sydney Glass’ true allegiance lies. Fairytale Land: “I should never have made that wish.” King Leopold stumbles upon a magic lamp and unleashes a downtrodden […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 10 recap: Love Hurts

This week’s “7:15 A.M.” provided fans with another stellar installment full of romance, suspense, drama, treachery, and hope. After a few forlorn episodes lacking concrete acknowledgement of Snow White and Prince Charming/Mary Margaret and David’s unyielding love for each other, fans were finally given an episode explaining how their […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 9 recap: Family Matters

This week’s touching episode “True North” captivated the audience with engaging performances from wonderfully talented guest stars and tugged at the heart-strings with its endearing message of family love and loyalty. Fairytale Land: “Family always finds one another.” A hardworking woodcutter sends his lively twins, Hansel and Gretel, […]

‘Once Upon A Time’ S1 Ep 8 recap: Is a ‘Desperate Soul’ a soul for sale?

Last night ‘Once Upon A Time’ returned with fabulous ratings as over 10 million fans tuned in to discover Rumpelstiltskin’s origins. As we all found out, one of the greatest surprises from “Desperate Souls” is the parallel between Rumpy’s Fairytale past and Emma’s Storybrooke present and possible future. Fairytale Land: […]

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